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Your Sacred Wealth Code Book, Journal, and Oracle Cards [SALES]

Your Sacred Wealth Code Book

Get Your SACRED WEALTH CODE and Bonus Masterclass & Wealth Meditations

You have a unique design and internal formula for attracting wealth. this formula is encoded in your soul blueprint - and like your fingerprints, that encoding is unlike that of any other human being. It's written in the universal language of Purpose and Prosperity, and it's called your Sacred Wealth Code.

This multi award winning book includes everything you need to discover, understand, embody, and create wealth from your internal intersection of Purpose & Prosperity.

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Purpose and Prosperity Masterclass with Prema
Get access to 8 Wealth Alignment Processes & Meditations that will help you attract and create wealth

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In Your Sacred Wealth Code, you will learn:

A new definition for wealth and success (hint: it's not just about money!)
How you are uniquely designed for wealth
Why your Sacred Wealth Code is the surest pathway to success and fulfillment in all areas of your life
How to use the Four Pillars of your Sacred Wealth Code to navigate to your "soul's neighborhood" where purpose and prosperity intersect with you
Why your greatest challenges are actually the keys to your personal superpowers - and how you can use both to uncover your wealth destiny
How to identify and work with your Sacred Wealth Archetypes and establish your inner Wealth Council
How to put your passion, purpose, and personal superpowers to work in real life, so you can start creating your wealth dream today!

Your Sacred Wealth Code Oracle Card Deck

A Daily Practice to Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity

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Sacred Wealth Archetype Guided Meditation to Help Better Navigate Your Sacred Wealth Oracle Cards

Unlike angel cards or wisdom card decks, this one-of-a-kind oracle deck is purpose-built to provide your gateway to exploring your connection with the Sacred Wealth Archetypes to create an abundant life.

This oracle card deck is your bridge to your inner design for wealth and to your life purpose. Whether as a companion to my book, or as a primary tool for meditation and alignment, this deck will help you dive deeper into your soul's truth about wealth, success, and fulfillment!

This deck of 23 gorgeously-illustrated Sacred Wealth Archetype Cards comes with an enclosed 86-page guidebook. The guidebook provides an overview to your Sacred Wealth Code and how it works, how to use the deck, and detailed descriptions of all 23 Archetypes.

Your Sacred Wealth Code Journal

Daily Practices to Help You Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity

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Heart Drop Meditation
Archetype Meditation
Wealth Council Meeting Meditation
Bringing the Shadow Into the Light Clearing Process

Your Sacred Wealth Code is within you.

Your Sacred Wealth Code is your unique, internal design for wealth, and this journal is your guide!

You are meant to be who you are, do what you love, and have a wealthy life. This gorgeous, spiral-bound journal is a soulful journey to discovering, aligning with, and activating your Sacred Wealth Code to create and live your wealth dream!

This journal makes it easy for you to:

Unlock the wealth potential of your soul blueprint
Discover and activate your high-value gifts
Learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance
Connect with and reflect on your soul's wisdom
Find your path with daily journaling prompts and Wealth Council exercises
Be inspired by wisdom quotes and Archetype Spotlight pages
Live your new-found purpose and prosperity

This journal is created from Prema's daily journaling process she uses to create a wealthy life. It is meant to be used with the Sacred Wealth Code book, oracle cards, or Sacred Wealth Code reading.

Your Archetypes and high-value gifts are like a key to something in the world that only YOU can unlock and in turn the world recognizes your value. Unlock your wealthy life now!

Look Inside the Journal

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What People Have to Say...

I purchased the Oracle Cards with the book, and I am selecting cards and meditating on the characteristics; and some of the things that are manifesting are so all-encompassing in my life.

For example, I can see challenges that are only challenges because of my current perception. Meditate and change perspective, and more possibilities are available from the Universe, and the challenge is so subtle - not a big deal at all. She's causing me to reach a level of my soul that I have not been able to visit on purpose. Very enlightening, to say the least. Thank you, Prema!

Barbara Nakatomi

The book is amazing, and the cards are so much fun to play with. Prema Lee Gurreri has a wonderful way of helping people understand themselves and others, through both her book and when working with her in person.

Julia Mason Cheng

I'm in awe. This is the most revealing, empowering, and inspiring book I've seen on attracting wealth from your own unique sacred path. Read it. Live it. Prosper from it.

Joe Vitale

Best Selling Author, Speaker, Movie Star

Prema takes us on a journey in this beautiful and wise book, Your Sacred Wealth Code that has never been presented before. This is easily one of the most practical and enlightening journeys to real wealth, with a definitely personal twist. Prema has helped thousands discover their passion and purpose, and channel that into true and permanent wealth. This is a can't-miss book that may not only change your world but will change the world. Prema walks her talk, and is a true leader in wealth consciousness on the planet at this time.

Dr. Kimberly McGeorge, ND, CNH

Energy Healer, Remote Viewer Radio host of "Secret to Everything" on The X Zone, founder of

Your Sacred Wealth Code goes far beyond applying spiritual principles to charting what can be an elusive path to prosperity. Prema Lee Gurreri not only describes a conscious path to freedom and wealth, she also asks the penetrating questions to reveal what wealth means to you personally and the beliefs and cultural messages that stand in your way. Prepare to do some soul searching with this beautiful book as you align internally with the expansion you - and your soul - want you to experience in all areas of your life: money, energy, love and time.

Gail Larsen

Best-selling author of Transformational Speaking: If You Want to Change the World, Tell a Better Story

Having worked personally with Prema, I know her intuitive and healing capacity firsthand. She is the real deal, and in her book, Your Sacred Wealth Code, she takes her extensive personal and professional experience and distills it into a powerful framework for accessing and activating your true wealth - a wealth that is not just about having more than enough money, but about attracting more than enough of everything you need to live an amazing, meaningful life. As you read and apply the wisdom in this book, you will be turning on the divine power plant within you that can provide everything you need, want, hope for, and desire in an ever-expanding, never-ending flow of prosperity. So, read this book! Unlock Your Wealth Code, and live the life you were truly meant to live!

Derek Rydall

Best-selling author of Emergence, host of the top podcast, Emergence

Thank you, Prema, for sharing your conscious wealth wisdom! We loved that you identified wealth as more than materialism, including spiritual and emotional wealth. You have put together a well-written, effective and eye-opening book that helps the reader identify where they may be blocking their own abundance. We certainly feel ready and able to allow and create more wealth after reading!

Tamara Veitch DeFazio & Rene DeFazio

authors of One Great Year and the Great Year Series

The way we have been taught to think about wealth and money is too narrow; it doesn't serve us anymore. If you're passionate about growing a life and business that is totally in sync with you, your purpose, your passion, and your mission in the world. Your Sacred Wealth Code is the key to your success. It goes beyond strategy to the core of what makes us tick as wealth attractors. I highly recommend this book!

Bret Gregory

author of Attract Customers Now From Facebook: Simple, Cost-Effective Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Your Sacred Wealth Code is waiting.
Are you ready to reveal it?

About the Author

Prema Lee Gurreri ~ Vedic Astrologer | Business Oracle

Using the ancient science of Vedic Astrology and my gift of intuition I guide and teach conscious women visionaries and entrepreneurs to activate their divine gifts and align with their Sacred Wealth Code, so that they can unlock their soul blueprint for purse and prosperity.

I'm committed to creating a world where you are empowered from the inside out to live according to your soul blueprint: on purpose, in a way that is aligned with your high-value gifts and your birthright of true wealth.

I'm the creator and the Award Winning author of Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity, Oracle Card Deck and Journal.

Neither Prema Lee Gurreri, the CVA, nor its board members or professional practitioners, have any association or affiliation with the International Association of Vedic Astrology and Numerology (IAVAN), and the IAVAN is using CVA materials without the CVA’s consent.

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