Too many heart-centered entrepreneurs and visionaries spend months and even years hoping their path and purpose will become clear if they just keep trying to figure it out.


    They think that their passion is enough... it should be enough.

    Passion is important, it's the fuel you need to keep going but sadly, it's not enough to bring your greatest gift to the world and create wealth.

    Then one day it happens, in a meditation, or at an event, you discover your true purpose.

    You are full of excitement and desire to serve…

    You are f i n a l l y going to share it with the world, help people,
    and create wealth!

    Your desire for wealth, your excitement and passion are divine, soul level forces.

    But we've been taught to live in the mind. And the mind is full of limiting beliefs like:

    “How do you get paid what you’re worth?”

    “You have no idea how to create wealth!”

    “There’s no way you’ll make enough money doing what you love.”

    As brilliant as your mind is, thoughts like those are not the truth, and I know you see them as the limiting beliefs they are, and yet... they can feel so real.

    The pathway to creating wealth is blocked by old, limiting beliefs

    These boulder-sized troublemakers block not just the way forward but also your ability to see where you are going.

    It’s hard to keep going when you can’t see what’s up ahead.

    It’s frightening.

    You might even give up... but how would you feel a year from now if you did?

    But there's good news...

    You already have a unique design and internal formula for attracting wealth.

    It's been with you since birth...

    but until today you had NO WAY OF KNOWING.

    Imagine this.

    No really,

    Imagine knowing your gifts so well
    that you didn’t question what you are here to do
    and you knew just how to do it.

    Imagine having the freedom to spend your days as you please

    Creating retreats in exotic locations, volunteering to help low-income women start businesses, creating your art and putting it out there.

    Whatever freedom looks like for you.

    Imagine that money flows to you easily as an exchange for
    giving your gifts to the world in a way no one else can.

    According to your soul, wealth is whatever you need
    — materially, emotionally, and spiritually —

    to fulfill your purpose on Earth.

    Your sacred wealth code is unique and has been with you since you were born.

    It is a one-of-a-kind design and internal
    formula for attracting wealth.

    If you already know that it’s time for you to release
    what’s no longer working, to take the journey to discover
    your soul’s blueprint for creating wealth while living
    your purpose then let that inspiration lead.


    Your sacred wealth code reveals more of
    who you are and the best of who you are.
    It will also show you

    where you're hiding out in the shadows consciously or unconsciously, and where your energy is locked up.

    We simply can't afford to live in the shadows.

    Things are changing.

    Energies are shifting.

    Things are breaking down in a big way because things are not working.

    For those of us called to make a difference — and I know you feel this too — we can’t waste time wondering if we are aligned with our highest purpose or hoping we’ll get it right.

    This movement is about living from the inside out,
    using your divine gifts, your highest-value gifts,
    the things that only you are spectacular at.
    That’s how the world gets changed!

    But the world won’t change unless you do.

    And not tapping into and living from your Sacred Wealth Code® could mean:

    • Feeling - and being - stuck in your business or career
    • Not enough ideal clients
    • Being underpaid for your skills and talents
    • Not using your highest-value gifts and abilities
    • Selling your soul by doing work you don't love, simply because it pays
    • Living in “just okay” vs. the extraordinary life you deserve

    And I don’t want that for you.

    So it’s time
    to meet your
    Sacred Wealth Council.

    You’ve heard the good news about your unique formula for attracting wealth; here’s where it gets even better. You are not alone on your Sacred Wealth Code® Journey. You were given your very own Wealth Council. A group of 3 to 5 archetypes and they come bearing gifts.

    Your Sacred Wealth Code® Archetypes are a symbolic embodiment of your high-value gifts - aka, your superpowers - and will guide you toward your purpose and prosperity. Each offers guidance about your distinct path to wealth and prosperity. And, the gifts they bring are super-powers — what I call your highest-value gifts.

    Learning about my Sacred Wealth Code really affirmed what I already knew to be my strengths and passions. That gave me the confidence to move toward my goals, and now I have a waitlist of clients!

    Rebecca Loveless

    If you are a visionary, entrepreneur, changemaker or other mission driven soul who is hungry for the solution to struggle and uncertainty and you are ready to say “YES!” to what your soul is trying to tell you about your wealth dream and how to fulfill it then I invite to explore The Sacred Wealth Code® Journey.

    Sacred Wealth Code® Journey


    Enrolling in the Sacred Wealth Code Journey includes your personal Sacred Wealth Code reading that Prema creates from your Vedic Astrology chart. In this reading you will be introduced in detail to each one of your personal council members. Once you learn to relate to them deeply and intimately, you will effortlessly take inspired actions that align with your soul blueprint for purpose and prosperity.

    This Sacred Wealth Code® Personal Reading will help you harness the power of your most valued GIFTS, so you can get out of your own way to attaining abundance and answering your soul's true calling.

    If you’ve had your reading, and know your archetypes, you are one step ahead. If you haven’t kept in touch with them, then now is the time to reconnect.

    may have concerns…

    “What if it won’t work for me?”


    “I’ve tried other programs before,
    why will this time be different?”

    This program has worked for hundreds of others just like you; passion filled entrepreneurs and visionaries looking to make a difference in the world and create wealth doing it. And what’s different about the Sacred Wealth Code Journey is it gives you everything you need to activate your unique internal design for wealth, a practical action to follow that's unique to you.

    Unlike other programs, it doesn't just give you the information, it takes you on the journey of connecting with and activating your sacred wealth code. There are exercises for clearing your blocks and barriers and how to better access your intuition. You’ll get help on how to be seen for your true gifts, and it walks you through a process for defining what wealth is for you.

    Hi, I'm Prema Lee Gurreri and my mantra for all visionaries, light workers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers is this:

    Be who you are, do what you love, and live a wealthy life.

    People ask, “How can it be that simple?”

    It can be, if you are living from your Sacred Wealth Code®.

    I uncovered the Sacred Wealth Code and its accompanying body of work while on an internal quest to align with my own purpose and prosperity. Prior to discovering my own Wealth Code, I had a well-known yoga studio and wellness center. An acclaimed Vedic Astrologer, spiritual teacher, and coach, I struggled to make things work in my business and life. After a harrowing “dark night of the soul,” I decided it was time to find out why, despite so much hard work and sacrifice, I was still so challenged around money and success.

    Using my insight as a Vedic Astrologer and intuitive, I undertook a deep, internal dive, and emerged not only with the knowledge of how to change my own life, but with a universal formula for creating true wealth and success that can be applied by anyone, in any field, at any stage of life.

    Begin THE Journey Now

    Working with Prema is as much about healing and clearing blocks as it is about Vedic Astrology. It was profound, enlightening, freeing and surprising. Prema is an enlightened teacher who has skills and wisdom that can help anyone grow, transcend, and awaken to wealth

    Joe Vitale
    Best Selling Author, Speaker, Movie Star

    Here's Exactly What You'll Learn:

    Journey 1

    Your Archetypes and Discovering Your Gifts

    In Vedic Astrology, there is a mythology that goes along with each of the planets. These mythologies are built on archetypes every bit as relevant to modern Westerners as they were to the ancients of India. The archetypal energies of the planets in your Sacred Wealth Code®, will introduce you to your superpowers and high-value gifts for they speak the language of your soul.

    Here’s what you’ll learn:

    • Why Archetypes hold your greatest gifts
    • How to get to know your Archetypes
    • Start using your Sacred Wealth Code to create more wealth
    • Learn the universal soul language of your Archetypes
    • Discover which of their superpower gifts are YOUR high-value gifts
    • Learn how to tune into their guidance
    • Discover your shadow

    Journey 2

    Create Your Wealth Dream and Purpose For Wealth

    In order to start living your wealth truth, you must start by understanding your dreams for, and connection to, wealth.

    Wealth is what you need to fulfill your purpose, so your why for wealth = the key to your purpose. Your why is the trigger to show up and shine as your best self, which will align you with wealth.  

    This module is designed so you will:

    • Get clear on what wealth means for you
    • Discover your wealth dream
    • Create your wealth vision by connecting with your intuition
    • Discover your wealth purpose
    • Know if your current path is and is not supporting you in your wealth dream

    Journey 3

    Shift Your Limiting Money Beliefs To empowered Beliefs

    There is really only one way to find our “sweet spot”for wealth, and that’s to work from the inside out, align with our soul blueprint, and live from the place where purpose and prosperity meet.

    Now that you know your Sacred Wealth Code® you will begin to do the inner work necessary to align with it. This allows you to naturally draw more wealth toward you, and in ways you never would have expected.

    This module will have you:

    • Discover how you are programmed for wealth and programmed for lack
    • Learn what is blocking you from receiving the wealth you desire
    • Learn exactly how to use your Sacred Wealth Code

    This module also includes:

    • A powerful clearing process to shift your limiting money beliefs
    • Tap Into Your Money Flow Meditation

    Journey 4

    Wealth Pillar 1: Purpose: Harnessing Your Soul’s Big Why

    Your purpose is your “big why.” It’s the driving force behind your thoughts, choices, and actions. It’s present whether you recognize it or not ― whether you understand it or not. If you are alive, purpose is present in your life.

    In this session, you will:

    • Discover your purpose for wealth – your soul's big why
    • Learn how to access and use your intuition to find your purpose
    • Discover what is blocking you from your purpose
    • Get clear on how to work with your purpose
    • Identify your purposeful path and start attracting wealth now!

    Journey 5

    Wealth Pillar 2: Passion: Discover The Essence of Your Fulfillment

    Passion is the second pillar of your Sacred Wealth Code, and it’s the fuel for your purpose.

    It comes from your soul, and never runs out. When your passion is ignited, you’re on the highway to wealth ― the kind of wealth that’s right and true for you.

    Module 5 will teach you:

    • Discover your passion to connect with joy and true fulfillment
    • How passion aligns you with your soul’s natural state of being
    • Why passion gives you the energy to use your high-value gifts
    • How you keep your energy up and flowing to stay in the zone of your wealth code
    • How passion gives you direct access to your Sacred Wealth Code’s wealth creating power
    • How to use your passion as the fuel for your purpose
    • Discover your wealth passion process

    Journey 6

    Wealth Pillar 3: Discover Your High-Value Gifts: How To Wield Your Superpowers

    Your high-value gifts are yours and yours alone and they are encoded in your Sacred Wealth Code®. When you use them you are accessing the currency of prosperity. Your Sacred Wealth Code® works through your superpowers ― and the actions you take that employ them ― to manifest the wealth you need to fulfill your purpose and passion.

    In module 6 you'll:

    • Discover your personal superpowers
    • Access your high-value gifts to change the world
    • Understand why your high-value gifts are not always what you are “good at”
    • Get clear on how to reconnect with your gifts that you have forgotten about
    • You are a soul artist
    • Discover your high-value gifts process

    Journey 7

    Wealth Pillar 4: Your Greatest challenges: The Unexpected Gateway To Wealth

    Your challenges are a gateway to some of your most potent high-value gifts.  

    They are not bad or evil they are part of your journey, and are designed to help you grow stronger, dig in deeper, and connect with what you truly believe.  

    This module helps you:

    • Discover the four core challenges that can try to block you from prosperity
    • Learn which core challenges you are facing and how to navigate through to them
    • Breakthrough the challenge of being seen for your gifts

    Journey 8

    Develop A Deeper Relationship With Your Archetypes To Create Your Wealthy Life

    Your Sacred Wealth Archetypes are your Wealth Council. They are your guides, feedback team, coaches, and internal mastermind group.

    Once you learn how to listen they will share with you everything you need to know to live on purpose and create wealth in alignment with your unique Sacred Wealth Code®.

    You will learn some simple and powerful ways to connect with your Archetypes on a daily basis.

    These guided exercises will help you learn to listen and tap into their wisdom and use it in your day-to-day life to create wealth.

    Connecting with Your Archetypes

    Discover eight different ways you can connect with your Archetypes to personalize your relationship and engage with their powerful guidance daily to activate your high-value gifts to create more wealth.

    Inspired Action Plan

    Create a 30-day action plan for engaging with the Four Pillars of your Wealth Code and one or more of your Archetypes on a daily basis.

    Clearing Process: Bringing the Shadow into the Light

    In this powerful clearing process, you will acknowledge where you are stuck in the shadow on every one of your Archetypes and be guided to access the healing power of your gifts to step out of the shadows into the super powers of your gifts.

    To make it easy for you to see exactly what you get with the SWJ program I’ve listed it all here:

    • 8 Modules ($549 value)
    • Worksheets ($49 value)
    • PDF of the Sacred Wealth Code book ($16 value)
    • Sacred Wealth Meditations ($149 value)
    • Clearing Processes ($149 value)
    • SWC community (A priceless collection of like-minded visionaries)
    • Sacred Wealth Code coaches will answer questions and give feedback in community forum


    • Sacred Wealth Code Reading, Training, and Meditation ($97 value)

    Prema will personally create and read your Vedic Astrology chart to reveal your Sacred Wealth Code.

    This Sacred Wealth Code Personal Reading will help you harness the power of your most valued GIFTS, so you can get out of your own way to attaining abundance and answering your soul's true calling.

    • 2 Monthly Astrology Updates ($197 value)

    Prema breaks down the astrological energy of the month in practical terms so you can easily apply it to your life. You will understand how to get in the flow of the current energies to make the best use of them and how to navigate the challenging energy so you don’t get stuck. She includes the current transit’s, new moon, and full moon energies.

    If you do the math the total value of the program is $1390

    Your investment is one third of that
    and doesn’t take into account the results you’ll create for
    your life and business as you apply what you learn in the program.

    begin your journey now

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    Top Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I access any module I want as soon as I join? +

    Yes, you have access to any module that calls to you but, it’s best to go in order because the program is designed to lay the foundation by helping you get clear on what wealth means to you, introducing you to your Archetypes, clearing blocks etc. Starting at the beginning is the best way to get the most from the program.

    What if I have already had a Vedic reading by someone else? +

    Other Vedic Astrologers would have looked at the whole chart but the sacred wealth code is a unique body of work that is mine. Interpreting the chart to divine the junction of purpose and prosperity plus the inclusion of the Archetypes and highest-level gifts are applications that I have developed.

    Does this program include business tips or online marketing information? +

    No, this is an “inside out” process that asks you to engage with the truth of who you are in order to blaze a path to the wealth you desire. I do offer other programs that include business coaching, but SWJ is the foundational piece for anyone who wants to discover where passion and prosperity intersect for them and learn to use their highest-level gifts to do it.

    How long will I have access to the program? +

    You have lifetime access to the modules, exercises and meditations. All recordings and worksheets are there for you to download.

    pay in full today and I will send you...

    The Sacred Wealth Code Journal: Daily Practices To Help You Unlock Your Soul Blueprint For Purpose & Prosperity

    Using this journal along with the program makes it easier for you to:

    • Unlock the wealth potential of your soul blueprint
    • Discover and activate your high-value gifts
    • Learn to trust yourself and your inner guidance
    • Connect with and reflect on your soul's wisdom
    • Find your path with daily journaling prompts and Wealth Council exercises
    • Be inspired by wisdom quotes and Archetype Spotlight pages
    • Live your newfound purpose and prosperity

    This is a hard copy, spiral bound journal, not a downloadable version.

    The Sacred Wealth Code Oracle Cards: A Daily Practice to Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity

    This one-of-a-kind oracle deck is your gateway to exploring your connection with the Sacred Wealth Archetypes and connecting with your inner design for wealth.

    Use the cards as a tool for meditation and alignment. This deck will help you dive deeper into your soul's truth about wealth, success, and fulfillment!

    This deck of 23 gorgeously illustrated Sacred Wealth Archetype Cards comes with an enclosed 86-page guidebook. The guidebook provides an overview of your Sacred Wealth Code and how it works, how to use this deck, and detailed descriptions of all 23 Archetypes.

    Your journey to your sacred wealth code awaits!

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    The 3 biggest regrets of the dying…

    I know that you and I aren't like most people, but if we never get to live our dreams, we'll end up with regrets just like everyone else, and I don't want that for you.

    "I wish I had faced my fears."

    "I wish I had followed my passion in life."

    "I wish I had lived my own dream."

    Are you living your dream or settling for what the world says yours should look like?

    Are you settling for A LIFE FULL OF FEAR

    or living a soul designed one?

    You can spend a few more years wondering if you are on the right path, searching for ways to create wealth with your gifts, and dreaming of what it will look like when…

    Or, you can join the many other visionaries, purpose-filled entrepreneurs, and changemakers who are putting their highest-value gifts out into the world and living their wealth dreams now.

    One last question... is your current path supporting you in achieving your wealth dream?

    Or are you doing your best just to get by, hoping your path and purpose will become clear if you just keep trying different things?

    I hope you can answer “Yes! I’m clear and on my way.”, but if not, saying “Yes” to the Sacred Wealth Code Journey could be the one thing that changes everything for you.

    If the SWJ is right for you then I look forward to walking with you on this part of your journey.

    With love,

    P.S. Even if you’ve never tried a program like this before, even if you only have 30 minutes per week, even if you’re not sure you believe everything I said here is true, the proof will be in your newfound clarity and confidence as you live into your wealth code and experience life at the intersection of purpose and prosperity. I guarantee it!

    ready to begin your journey now?

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