What is your Wealth Archetype?

It's time to Discover Your Wealth Creating Superpower (yes, you have one!)

Uncover one of your Sacred Wealth Code™ Archetypes with this quiz and begin to learn exactly how to unleash your power, purpose and prosperity.


That's a big promise, I know. But I've been working with the archetypal energies of the planets for over 15 years and trust me when I say, they hold the keys to unlocking your personal wealth dreams.


The archetypal energies of the planets in your Sacred Wealth Code speak the language of your soul. You have several Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes on your inner Wealth Council, all of whom offer guidance about your distinct path to wealth and prosperity.


Take this quiz and you'll meet - in intimate detail - one of yours. Included in the archetype profile for your first archetype are the high-level gifts of this guide. These are just some of Your natural gifts, the kind you should be using every day in business and life.


Take the quiz now. It's time to say Hello to one of your superpowers!
(You'll learn how to meet the rest of your wealth council after taking the quiz.)

Which do you consider to be your best qualities?

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