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make the money you want
doing what you love

    How many systems, blueprints, and programs have you purchased that promised to help you
    find your purpose, make more money, and live the life of your dreams?

    So many heart-centered, brilliant, passionate people,
    people just like you, 
    searching for the key to business success
    have a whole library full of "self-help"
    and often, nothing to show for it.

    Sure, you may have learned some cool
    online marketing tips and gotten a bunch of likes.
    Tuned into the mindset work and are masterful at these mantras
    "It's all good',
    "It is what it is",
    and "timing is divine"
    believing you are doing what it takes...

    But... nothing has really changed, has it?

    Truth is, all of those things - systems, blueprints, marketing and mindset - are important pieces of being a successful entrepreneur.

    But there is one piece missing:
    your Soul's guidance.

    Your soul already knows what you should be doing. You came in with a blueprint for a life of success and happiness, your Sacred Wealth Code. Unless you take steps daily to connect with your soul and learn how to listen for direction, you can spend a whole lot of time stuck in "figuring it out," looking outside for answers.

    In the Sacred Wealth Business Academy you'll be introduced to the many ways you can connect with your soul daily. I believe, and have built this transformational program, on this powerful idea:

    Business success works from the inside out.
    That's why this program includes inner and outer work,
    every... single... month.

    Every day we have over 60,000 thoughts. 80% are negative and 95% are repetitive.

    That's a problem!

    The brain is on auto-pilot, still living in caveman days, always looking out for danger. And it's worse than ever in today's crushing race to keep up and get it all done. The constant obsessing about it all, like paying your bills, feeding the kids or creatures, and answering emails. Other times it's distracted with social media, apps on your phone, or heading down the rabbit hole of your favorite time-wasting website.

    A life of wealth, fulfillment, impact, and joy comes when we take back some of our brain!

    I can show you how.

    Prema has been instrumental in facilitating the clarity and courage to pursue, and strength for my vision, and working through my blocks that limit my growth. Her compassion and expertise has provided guidance in my desire to reinvent myself based on my heart and soul's purpose.

    You are such a joy to work with and I am truly grateful to have found you to help me gently find my life's purpose, be true to myself and manifest more money for travel and pursue my art. Prema is simply and purely amazing and I would highly recommend anyone to work with her.

    Tina Gain, RN, and Art Teacher ~ Art from the Heart

    Here's the deal. Getting rich and building wealth is simple.

    That's not to say it's easy. But it is simple. You need to be doing what you love.
    Yeah, I know, you've heard it before, "Do what you love and the money will follow."
    But so far, it seems like just an empty promise...

    I promise, it's not, and I'll tell you exactly how we help people build their dream life in just a bit,
    but first I want to tell you a little about me.

    I thought I was living my purpose by using my gifts to do the work I was meant to do.

    A few years ago I had a world class yoga and healing arts center that was doing
    well over 6-figures in sales. Despite all the revenue I was not taking home enough money to pay the bills.
    I had lots of sales and no profits.

    My seemingly successful business was not so successful, as each month I was going further into debt.

    I thought I was living my purpose by using my gifts to do work I was mean to do.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't.

    My business was costing me dearly because I was not following my Sacred Wealth Code
    (more on that after my story, but at it's core, your Sacred Wealth Code is where purpose and prosperity meet).

    Working that hard and making no money is a heavy burden to carry. It caused me so much pain...
    I was trying to run my business in a spiritual way, but it was failing and my world was crumbling.

    I ended up losing the business and my marriage, and in the blink of an eye I found myself as
    a single parent totally burnt out; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

    I don't know if you've ever hit rock bottom...
    but it's a dark place.

    Thankfully, every dark place also has light to pull us through. My dark night of the soul allowed me
    to go deep inside, listen to my inner wisdom and intuition in a way I hadn't before.
    With my mind and ego put aside, I was able to receive the information that eventually
    became The Sacred Wealth Code. My life transformed as I applied the principles
    and I knew this was to be my life's work.

    What exactly is the Sacred Wealth Business Academy?
    I'll give you all the details in a bit, but at its core,
    the Academy is about one thing:

    The Business Academy will teach you
    how to make the money you want
    doing what you love.

    Master the art of living on purpose
    and manifesting wealth

    The Sacred Wealth Business Academy is a 12-month, immersive program built on the following framework:

    • Trainings (video/audio) on every subject necessary for you to live your purpose and create wealth
    • Live Mastermind sessions each month with Prema so you can get your questions answered
    • One-in-one Coaching sessions with Sacred Wealth Coaches
    • Accountability & Homework that will ensure that you put the teaching into action
    • Clearing Processes, Meditations, and Vedic Astrology updates

    Sacred Wealth Code: Where Purpose and Prosperity Meet

    Wealth is everything you need to fulfill your purpose. Discover your highest-value gifts and talents and learn how to use them in your career and business to manifest more money in a way that is totally aligned with your soul.

    Purpose: Why = Purpose

    Align with your soul purpose and activate it so your life is spent doing the work you are meant to do in the world.

    Vedic Astrology: Your Soul Blueprint

    Deep understanding of Vedic Astrology will help you discover and comprehend your greatest gifts. This understanding will also uncover behavioral problems that are holding you back and shed light on your Wealth Code and purpose.

    Monthly Vedic Astrology Updates: Go With the Flow

    These updates will show you how to best move forward with your plan so that the work you do is done with divine timing. This means you don't get derailed with bad decisions that cost you time and money.

    Receiving Money: Own Your Value

    Learn how to manipulate the energy of money to create more abundance. Release your money blocks and patterns, own your worth and receive more. Know exactly what you should be doing right now to consciously create the most amount of wealth with the gifts you have been given.

    Intuition and Instincts: Learn to Tap Into Your Intuition, Follow It, and Trust It

    Your gut is usually right. Learn to trust it so that you consistently make great decisions in your career and personal life.

    Breakthrough Limiting Beliefs: Rewire Your Mind

    Get out of your own way and break any patterns that are holding you back so that you no longer stop at the same place you always do. Acquire the roadmap that will guide you on your new life. You will enjoy the journey AND the destination.

    Manifesting Money: Become a Master Manifestor

    Learn the universal manifesting principles and master how to use them in order to effectively activate the Law of Attraction, which attracts wealth and abundance to you.

    Feminine - Masculine Energy Balance: Be Nourished, Not Burned Out

    Learn how to activate your feminine power and adeptly apply your masculine energy so you are nourished, focused, fulfilled, and productive... without burning out.

    Attract Your Ideal Clients: Have Clients Come to You Instead of Going to Them

    Align with your ideal clients and tribe and watch as customers come to you and opportunities open themselves to you.

    Heart Centered Sales and Enrollment: The Art of Invitation

    Learn how to authentically invite people to work with you, invest in you and buy your products without sounding salesy by coming from a place of service.

    Practical Business Strategy: Step-by-Step Plan

    Receive Soul Aligned practical strategies for your business and life based off YOUR Vedic Astrology chart and Sacred Wealth Code that will focus you on the exact next steps to take and how to take them.

    In the sacred wealth business Academy


    "We don't believe in telling you what to do and hoping you do it. We believe in giving you the consistent support you need so that you can apply everything you learn."

    This is how change actually happens.

    I absolutely love this group. I've felt like an outcast for much of my life; always been the square peg pushing myself into a round hole. Just never fit. Here I think and feel at home, Prema.

    I absolutely love the support you are flowing to me on my journey to unlocking my Sacred Wealth Code. I feel "Seen" and valued. I feel soooo loved and supported by you and your coaches.

    Jennifer Kaplan

    In working with Prema I've stepped out of the shadows and into the spotlight in my business and my life. I've had continuous, steady, nonstop beautiful forward momentum in increasing my income and growing my tribe by owning my gift as a shamanic healer-teacher and applying the right strategy for me based on my Vedic Astrology chart.

    Laurra Sheldon - Shaman

    Who is this program for?


    You have a business you love. You are using your gifts and making a difference. Now it's time to take things to the next level. But how? You need a new mindset and better business skills; support, someone to run ideas by, proven strategies and accountability to ensure you get it done. Most important of all, you need to learn how to use your Sacred Wealth Code in your business. The curriculum in the Academy covers all of that and more. If you are ready to be that leader you know you can be, you are in the right place.

    The other systems you've tried just aren't you!

    We all have different learning styles and some of the programs out there aren't designed with the heart-centered entrepreneur in mind. I speak your language and understand how to deliver the practical and spiritual principals of success side-by-side. If you have tried other programs and felt like you just didn't fit in, or that something was missing, the Academy is the perfect place for you.

    You aren't in business yet, but feel called to enter a new chapter of your life and how to serve

    The best way to start any business venture is with proven strategies, expert advice, brainstorming with like-minded others, inner work so that you have the mindset needed to face the challenges and believe you are enough, and more. Don't ignore the calling. The Academy is the perfect place for you to begin.

    You've been struggling to get your business off the ground. It hasn't worked, but you don't want to give up.

    Being a heart-centered entrepreneur is not easy, but it can be financially and personally rewarding. And it takes a village, proven success strategies, and guidance from someone who has been where you are and has years of experience, both in business and teaching others how to build a business that lasts. Don't give up. You most likely need clarity on your high-level gifts and how to use them to create wealth and live your purpose. That will happen for you in the Academy.


    A message for the empaths

    Empaths are here to help people understand how they think and feel.
    And sometimes, that can be exhausting...

    As an Empath...
    You are highly sensitive.
    You can feel, hear, and sense what is behind someone's words and body language.
    You know a lot about others and your environment through sensing energy.
    Information comes to you without people having to tell you.
    You understand others better than they do themselves.
    You listen with your whole body and energy field, even without thinking.

    This means you make a perfect GUIDE, healer, coach, counselor, or teacher.

    It also means you can be misunderstood as overly sensitive or emotional.
    Self-care and self confidence are equally important in order to make the most of your sensitive soul.
    It's also important to choose your tribe carefully and find a balance of people like you and people will different gifts.
    We are whole when sharing our days with the full spectrum of energy types in business and in life.

    Take a look inside

    Each month you will explore your inner growth and business growth, masculine and feminine energy in business, how to use your archetypes daily to ensure you are building a business aligned with your purpose so that you will know how to create wealth.

    Here's an overview of the work that we'll be doing, to give you an idea of the kind of work we'll be doing.

    Month One


    Inner Growth:

    Wealth Council Roundtable & Meeting: How to use your archetypes as a wealth council for weekly guidance and making important decisions
    Hire Your Inner Wealth Team: How to develop a practical working relationship with your SWC Archetypes to create your divine wealth team
    Sacred Wealth Code Team Member Positions
    Hire Your Sacred Wealth Code Archetype Meditation: How to connect and tune in with your SWC Archetype you are hiring for a position on your team

    Business Growth:

    Mission and Purpose Training: How to discover your purpose and clarify your mission in the world
    Discovering Your Movement & Creating Your Authentic Message
         Message Training: Create Your Authentic Message: How to create an authentic message that attracts your ideal clients and customers
         Movement Training: Discover Your Movement in the World: Discover the authentic movement you are meant to lead in the world

    Month Two


    Inner Growth: 

    Mastering the Art of Being & Releasing Tolerations: How to master your state of being to align with your gifts and hearts desires
    Being Before Sleep Meditation: Program yourself for a desire state of being before sleep or anytime
    Tolerations Clearing Process: Resolving Tolerations
    Tolerations Clearing Process: Final Step

    Business Growth:

    Ideal Client Attraction: Tune in to the energy of your ideal client to attract them, and get an inspired action you can take today to connect with them
    Discovering Your Ideal Clients
    Ideal Client Attraction & Inspired Action
    Ideal Clients Process List
    Ideal Client Interview
    Connecting with Your Tribe & Storytelling: Build your community and how to use storytelling to get your message across
    How to Tell a Great Story
    Discovering Your Turning Point Story

    Month Three


    Inner Growth: 

    Inspired Action: How to follow your marching orders from the divine
    Inspired Action List Process: A simple and powerful way to organize your to do's and get guidance on what things to focus on first
    The Power of Gratitude: Supercharge your creations

    Business Growth:

    Free Gift Creation: How to create a free gift that will attract your ideal clients and customers

    Month Four


    Inner Growth: 

    How to Be Seen for Your Gifts Part 1: How to be confidently seen for your gifts
    3 Steps to Receiving
    Gifting Circle Guidelines
    Rewrite Your Story Process: How to release blocks, traumas, and old patterns by rewriting old negative stories to give you the emotional benefit of a positive outcome you may have hoped for

    Business Growth:

    The Divine Feminine Roadmap for Business: How to trust your Divine Feminine to navigate your business from the inside out to create your personal business pathway

    Month Five


    Inner Growth: 

    How to Be Seen for Your Gifts Part 2: How to Value Your Gifts
    Circle of Empowerment: Get empowered now! A simple process to boost your self-esteem, own your value, and the ability to use your gifts, even in challenging situations
    How to Be Seen for Your Gifts Part 3: Receiving Your Value

    Business Growth:

    Heart Centered Sales: How to sell from authentic heart connection without sounding salesy
    Three Yes Questions
    Energy Meter
    Client Connection Visioning: How to energetically connect with your potential clients heart-to-heart to attract them to you
    Potential Client Tracking Resources
    Potential Client Follow-ups

    Month Six


    Inner Growth: 

    Conscious Creation Part 1: A step-by-step inner guided process to get clear on what you want to create, lock in your vibrational attraction set point, and access your inspired action
    Conscious Creation Meditation Process
    Conscious Creation Clarity Process
    Allowing and Receiving Meditation: A simple and powerful practice to get out of your own way and open you to receiving your hearts desires

    Conscious Creation Part 2: How to bridge the gaps that keep YOU from consciously creating
    Discover Your Gaps: How to discover and clear the needs that block you from consciously creating what your heart desires
    Visioning for Allowing and Receiving: A short creative visioning meditation to align you with what you are consciously creating while being detached to the outcome

    Business Growth:

    Authentic Offers: How to make an authentic and compelling offer that they can't refuse
    Anatomy of an Authentic Offer and Compelling Offer Process and Worksheet

    Month Seven


    Inner Growth: 

    Conscious Creation Part 3: How to supercharge your creations
    Inspired Action Creation Process: Use this right before taking an Inspired Action to eliminate any resistance and make it super easy to do
    Weekly Conscious Creation Inspired Action Journal
    Vibrational Set Point Switching Process: Supercharge your conscious creations by anchoring in your vibrational set point and switching back to it anytime you go negative or get off track
    Creation Prayer: A feeling based prayer/meditation for consciously creating with the divine

    Business Growth:

    Your Authentic Brand Voice: How to speak to your audience for authenticity and sales

    Month Eight


    Inner Growth: 

    Balancing Your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Energies Part 1: How to create your heart's desires by aligning with and balancing your divine feminine and sacred masculine power
    Channeling the Feminine and Masculine Energies of Your Sacred Wealth Code: How to access the feminine and masculine energies of your Sacred Wealth Code archetypes and channel them for growth and abundance
    Divine Feminine Balancing Meditation: Be empowered by aligning with your Divine Feminine Energy - use this when you are stuck in using too much masculine energy, are stuck in the shadow feminine energy, or just want to enjoy more radiance and flow
    Sacred Masculine Balancing Meditation: Be empowered by aligning with your Sacred Masculine Energy - use this when you are stuck in using too much feminine energy, are stuck in the shadow masculine energy, or just want to enjoy more presence and direction

    Business Growth:

    Harnessing Masculine and Feminine Energy for Business Growth: How to align and balance your divine feminine and sacred masculine energies to grow your business without burning out
    Form and Flow: How the Masculine and Feminine show up in your business
    Breaking Free of Your Masculine and Feminine Shadow in Business
    Bringing the Shadow Into the Light Clearing Process: How to bring the shadow side of an Archetype into the light, so you can access your gifts
    Release Stressful Masculine Energy at the End of the Work Day: How to transition from work mode into your natural divine feminine energy, so you can have thriving connections with self, course and others
    Divine Feminine Energy Recalibration Resource List
    Create a Daily Blisscipline Practice

    Month Nine


    Inner Growth: 

    Healthy Boundaries: How to create, establish, and uphold healthy boundaries
    Boundaries Breakthrough Process: A powerful and elegant process to discover and break free of patterns, beliefs, and emotions that keep you from having healthy boundaries

    Business Growth:

    Building Better Business Boundaries: Go from burden to bounty by creating & upholding YOUR boundaries

    Month Ten


    Inner Growth: 

    Overcoming the Perfectionism - Procrastination - Overwhelm Cycle: How to get out of your own way to finally get things started and done
    Getting Started & Getting It Done Process & Worksheet
    Overcoming Perfectionism Process & Worksheet

    Business Growth:

    Overcoming Perfectionism in Business: Overcome the Perfectionism - Procrastination - Overwhelm Cycle
    The Perfectionism Procrastination Overwhelm Cycle in Business
    Getting Started & Getting It Done in Business
    Procrastination Cycle in Business Clearing Process: How to clear your energy to get a project moving forward beyond perfectionism, procrastination or overwhelm

    Month Eleven


    Inner Growth: 

    The Empowered Empath: How to Thrive in the World as an Empath
    Inner Freedom Meditation
    Empaths Traits, Superpowers and Archetypes

    Business Growth:

    Empaths in Business: How to use your gifts as an empath to create more wealth and less drama
    The 9 Superpowers of Empaths in Business

    Month Twelve


    Inner Growth: 

    Unleash the Power of Vulnerability: The care and feeding of vulnerability as a superpower instead of a weakness
    Shifting Fear to Power in Vulnerability Clearing Process

    Business Growth:

    Charging What You're (Truly) Worth: How to bring your belief up to speed with your highest value
    Authentic Pricing Process: How to comfortably set your prices and stretch yourself to raise them
    Value Your Product or Service Process: How to come to discover the real value of your product or service

    Productivity & Flow Trainings, Meditations, and Clearing Processes


    Productivity & Flow Trainings: 

    A full library of trainings to keep you productive and in flow from the inside out.

    Inspired Action List Process and Meditation: A simple and powerful way to organize your to do's and get guidance on what things to focus on first.
    Project Flow Planner: Get organized with your Archetypes and gifts for any task or project.
    Focus Goals: A process to help you chunk down projects and focus in on what is most important to do first.
    Polarity Process: A super powerful clearing process to neutralize limiting beliefs, negative emotions and patterns, so you can free up your energy and move forward.
    Reverse Engineering Project: How to create a step-by-step plan for completing a project
    And many more...


    A full library of meditations to keep you aligned with every aspect of your life and business.

    Soul Wisdom Alignment: The core practice of Prema's work, to be used on a daily basis to connect with your heart for alignment, gratitude, self-love, vision, and inspired action.
    Grounding: Get your feet back on the ground and be empowered by connecting to the pure abundant energy of the Earth.
    Beyond the Chatter: For a busy mind to quickly get to the heart.
    Presence: Release distraction, connect with your breath, and tap into the power of the present moment now.
    Sacred Wealth Code Activation: This will help you connect with your Archetypes and discover your gifts.
    How to Make Important Decisions and Choices: This will help you get the clarity you need to make an important choice.
    And many more...

    Clearing Processes: 

    A full library of clearing processes to move you past any block, belief, or pattern that is in your way to living your purpose and creating prosperity.

    Bringing the Shadow Into the Light: How to bring the shadow side of an Archetype into the light, so you can access your gifts.
    Bubble Space Meditation: A simple technique to protect yourself from others energy and create good boundaries.
    How to Shift Your Beliefs and Release Your Judgments: A practice to free you up from negative energy and open you to more aligned flow.
    And many more...

    and more...


    - One-on-One Coaching Sessions with Sacred Wealth Coaches
    - Archetype Trainings
    - Monthly Astrology Updates
    - Soul Success Map
    - Sacred Wealth Code Book
    - Live Mastermind Q&A Sessions
    - Bonus Trainings 

    The most important decisions take courage and clear thinking.
    But our minds can only take us so far. With the reptilian brain in charge fear will win the day and keep us from the opportunities that could have the power to change our lives.

    Important decisions, like the one you are going to make today, require going inside, to the heart and soul of your being. To the place where you know without a doubt, that everything you want is on the other side of fear...

    Your future is being created right now. Today. With every thought you think and action you take, or don't take.

    As you consider which level of participation will best serve to help you incorporate the principals
    of the Sacred Wealth Code into your life and business, consider them with your big picture mind.
    We often make decisions for the future from who and where we are right now.
    From what we think is possible, not what our limitless potential makes possible.

    Here's my request: Come from the limitless possibility that is your birthright. Dream big!

    And if you don't think it's possible for you to make money doing what you love,
    then lean on my belief that it's possible for you.

    I wanted to reach more people, and run online workshops, but I didn’t know how to create the bridge. Prema encouraged me to own my wealth archetypes and be seen in a greater way.   As I aligned more clearly to my higher value gifts, I was able to step into my higher vision of having my own healing school. I went from running 2 hour workshops to leading a 9-month group program. My clients can work with me in a deeper way, with even greater results.   I now have greater reach and more visibility. I’m able to stay in my integrity, in the flow of my wisdom, with laser focused clarity, my sacred power has expanded, I regularly use my wealth archetypes to achieve my success.

    Mariangela Parodi ~ Transformational Intuitive

    Join the Sacred Wealth Business Academy Today!

    Choose the level of support that feels right to you:

    Sacred Wealth Business Academy

    • Coaching Sessions with Sacred Wealth Coaches
    • Kick-off 45-min Private "Soul Success Map" Reading Session with Prema
    • 2 Monthly Modules: Inner Growth and Business Growth
    • 2 Monthly Group Mastermind Q&A Coaching Sessions with Prema
    • Vedic Astrology Monthly Updates
    • Full Access to an Exclusive Membership Site loaded with Trainings, Meditations, Clearing Processes & Much More
    • Private Online Community to connect with other members and get Your questions answered by Prema and SW Coaches

    Join Sacred Wealth Business Academy Today

    $577 Monthly for 12 Months
    $5,947 Pay in Full ($997 Discount)

    Sacred Wealth Business Academy PREMIER

    • Kick-off Private VIP 1 1/2 hr "Soul Blueprint" Reading Session with Prema
    • Soul Success Map
    • Private Coaching Monthly 1 hr Session with Prema
    • 2 Monthly Modules: Inner Growth and Business Growth
    • 2 Monthly Group Mastermind Q&A Coaching Sessions with Prema
    • Vedic Astrology Monthly Updates
    • Full Access to an Exclusive Membership Site loaded with Trainings, Meditations, Clearing Processes & Much More
    • Private Online Community to connect with other members and get Your questions answered by Prema and SW Coaches
    • Email/Text Support

    Join Sacred Wealth Business Academy PREMIER Today

    $997 Monthly for 12 Months
    $10,977 Pay in Full ($997 Discount)

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    Imagine doing what you love.
    Not just as a hobby.
    not just on vacation once a year.
    every. single. day.

    Imagine having the money, the confidence, and the know how to create financial stability
    and create wealth so that you can travel, buy that house, provide for your family and your
    future the way you have always dreamed it could be.

    it's possible.

    You've seen others do it and that means you can too.
    You've got the desire and the passion.
    Now you need the support to keep you in the game.
    You need business skills, a forum to get feedback on ideas,
    and you need to know and grow in understanding of your Sacred Wealth Code
    so that you work with your soul's plan, not against it.

    That's when life gets easier and where purpose and prosperity meet.

    That's the basis of the sacred wealth BUsiness academy.


    I've taken other business programs before but am still not making much money. Why is this different?


    That's a big question to answer without knowing you, but one thing I can say for sure is, once you know your Sacred Wealth Code and begin to use your highest-value gifts for your personal growth - the inner work, you will begin to see where you were holding yourself back and how to take new, more profitable actions. You will be working with your soul's code and not a one size fits all business training. This makes all the difference.

    How much time do I need to put in each day or week before I see results?


    What kind of learner are you? Some people take more time reading and processing before taking action, others go faster. Sometimes because we've got almost everything we need to "get" a new way of thinking or taking action, one new piece of information is all that's needed to change our results. When you join, set an intention for what you want to learn or clear first, find the corresponding training or clearing meditation, and dig in. Oh, and it's best to schedule time each week so you can consistently be learning and applying. That's the best way to get faster results.

    I haven't started my business yet, is it too soon for me to join the Business Academy?


    It's the best time to join! Why? You want to start out with the best mindset for success - the inner work - as well as learn business basics, marketing, branding, and sales. All of this is included in the Academy and you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask me questions on the live Mastermind Q&A calls. Also, my coaches and I are frequently in the Facebook group to give support and direction.

    I don't know what kind of business I should start but I want to work for myself.


    Once you dive into who you are at a soul level, using the trainings on your Sacred Wealth Code, and with the help of my coaches you will get clear on your gifts and uncover your true purpose.

    Marry this with you outlining what kind of business would suit the lifestyle you desire and you will know which of the many options for self-employment is best for you.

    Do you have a guarantee?



    I know it can be scary to make a year-long commitment without experiencing the vibe, the actual teaching, videos, etc.

    That's why I offer a risk-free trial of this year-long program.

    Here's who it works:

    Join today, explore the teachings, clearings, and meditations. Step into the private community and say Hello, feel the warmth of the others as they welcome you with open hearts. Join me on a live Mastermind Q&A call. The first modules, calls, clearings and more are available to you when you enroll and are yours to work with.

    If you decide the Academy is not for you, you can leave without penalty within the first 2 weeks of enrollment. Simply contact me in writing at before day 14 and your commitment will end.

    That's enough time for you to gain insight into who you are at a soul level, your highest-level gifts - these are what we use to create wealth.

    You're still responsible for your first month of the program cost, which we regret we can't refund. However, you can walk away from your remaining payments should you need to, if you notify us in writing before the end of your first 14 days.

    The Academy is a combination Inner and Outer game program. You will learn to use the gifts in your shadow, gain confidence, and build the life you desire; you will clear whatever blocks are currently in your way, explore the balance between masculine and feminine energy, and so much more.

    Lasting change takes time. And support, for a business and a life.
    Waiting to make a decision means waiting... not changing.
    I'll take the risk. You take the leap.

    What if I want private coaching with you Prema?


    You will want to join the Premier level of the Academy. This gives you not only a Soul Blueprint kick off call, but also a monthly, one hour, one-on-one call with me, plus email access. If you would like to add another call per month, please fill out the application for my VIP level. This has the most access to me and the most support.

    Have more questions?

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    Remember up top when I told you about my 6-figure+ yoga and healing arts center,
    where I was trying to run my business in a spiritual way, but it was failing
    and my world was crumbling?

    I ended up losing my business, and my marriage. And in the blink of an eye
    I found myself as a single parent totally burnt out mentally, physically, and emotionally.
    What I didn't say was that this was all -- I found out after some deep spiritual work -- it
    all happened because I wasn't following my Sacred Wealth Code.
    In fact, I was working from the Shadow Side of my Wealth Code, which
    included being over responsible and believing that to be successful, I had to do it all alone.

    Realizing that I was out of alignment with my Sacred Wealth Code -- the
    foundation of each participants journey through the Academy -- I began my journey
    of aligning what I was doing and the way I was doing it.

    This allowed me to manifest more money while still honoring my purpose.

    I started following my Sacred Wealth Code and quickly attracted my ideal high-paying
    clients and created a profitable business within just six months.



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    As I read my descriptions of my Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes, I felt like I saw my whole life coming together. So many past and present experiences became connected and aligned to what I know to be my calling in the world. It brought tears to my eyes to reach such a deep description of me - my traits, my shadows, what I stand for in the world.

    Having this guidebook empowered me to break six-figures this year! I feel like I can sink deeper into my strengths and be consciously aware of my shadow behaviors. Prema's gifts and insights with Vedic Astrology are not to be underestimated. This is an invaluable resource for anyone waiting to take their movement to higher levels.

    Rebecca Loveless - Structured Word Inquiry Coach

    Me before Sacred Wealth Business Academy:

    No Clients -- Recently changed my focus on my Biz -- Craved an inward approach vs. Cranking out some outward Structure and Trying to Do it Right -- Struggled with Distraction and needed to know how to Focus in When I trailed off

    I was very curious about my Gifts, my Wealth Code, and wanted to be sure I was really truly shining in my Gifts.

    What I achieved in Sacred Wealth Business Academy:

    Got crystal clear on My Mission and Messaging -- Enjoyed creating great content to engage and Build my Tribe (creativity tools, a challenge, a new online retreat series, two master classes, a free gift for opt-in on my website, integration mp3's and more) -- Started my first ever group program and enrolled my first four clients -- enjoyed basking in my gifts, and shining in them, taking action that is inspired, playful, creative, and self-nurturing

    Karen Reinhold - Creativity Coach