Soul Success Map Reading



Blueprints are the backbone of construction. Houses have blueprints. Skyscrapers have blueprints and rocket ships have blueprints. It's the plan that ensures the project is engineered for success. You have a blueprint. A blueprint that expands beyond your DNA. It's your Soul Success Map. It's the plan that ensures you are built for success. Your soul is waiting for you to follow it. Perhaps you need help, or a little nudge. Guidance. Interpretation. A little intuition and courage to know where to start. We are experts in helping.

Want someone to help you start your journey?


In this Vedic Astrology Reading we will focus in on the areas of life that you are needing guidance and a plan. 

My readings are transformational. YOU will get the guidance you need and an energy SHIFT to support you in successfully using the guidance I give you. 

Information is best supported with ACTION. I will give you a plan with specific inspired action steps to take, so you make the best possible use of the information and guidance you receive. 

Sessions are one hour, via phone or Skype, and will be record for you.


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I loved my Soul Success Map. I’m so glad I’m working with you and that I’m learning to ask for and get guidance - both from my Sacred Wealth Code Council and you. I can already tell that my brain is going to appreciate not having to do so much of the heavy lifting as my soul begins to take over.

I am now clear on my purpose, mission, and movement I am creating in the world and have a plan for my business that feels like an authentic expression of me and my gifts.

Kiki Ong