Soul Success Map Vedic Astrology Reading

A Vedic Astrology reading can answer all of the most important questions you have about living a successful life - whatever success means to you.

Ever wish you had a crystal ball to see how your life will turn out?

Maybe, right now, there's one thing you'd really, really like to have some insight on; like can't sleep kind of craving for a little bit of information or guidance.

Maybe the guidance you crave is about making money, finding a soul mater, or whether to move to a totally new location.

Where's the power in that?

But the guidance and information you crave is waiting for you as soon as right now, instead of a moment in time. There's a soul level blueprint to show you how to have your life turn out exactly as you want.

A Soul Success Map Reading is based on Vedic Astrology and will give you the exact guidance you crave.
I have been working in this way for over 20 years and combine my skills with intuition to deliver your soul blueprint, focused on the areas of life that you are looking for help with.

You will get the guidance you need and an energy SHIFT to support you in successfully using the guidance I give you.

Information is best supported with ACTION. I will give you a plan with specific inspired action steps to take so you make the best possible use of the information and guidance you receive.

Sessions are one hour, via phone or video conference, and can be recorded for you. After you purchase your session you will receive an email with a link to my calendar.

Wishing for that crystal ball is only keeping you from the answers you need and the changes you could be making for increased happiness, success and prosperity.

I loved my Soul Success Map Vedic Astrology Reading. I’m so glad I’m working with you and that I’m learning to ask for and get guidance - both from my Sacred Wealth Code Council and you. I can already tell that my brain is going to appreciate not having to do so much of the heavy lifting as my soul begins to take over.

I am now clear on my purpose, mission, and movement I am creating in the world and have a plan for my business that feels like an authentic expression of me and my gifts.

Kiki Ong

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