You have a unique divine plan. It goes beyond your DNA. It's your Soul Blueprint, the plan that ensures you are designed for living the successful life you want.

Navigate your life to success from the inside out.

Understanding your unique Soul Blueprint is the key to knowing how you are energetically encoded for purpose, wealth, relationships and spirituality, so you know how you are meant to show up in the world.

Ever wish you had a crystal ball? You have burning questions...You need insight. You need clarity to move forward.

Maybe the guidance you crave is about making money, knowing your purpose, what to do next in your business, finding your soul mate or whether to move to a totally new location.


Vedic Astrology gives you the answers and timings to those big questions about living a wholehearted life, fulfilling your soul purpose and creating wealth. 

Your unique Soul Blueprint is your biggest personal, business and spiritual asset, that's why I work with conscious visionaries all over the world to align to their unique Soul Blueprint.

I will read what the planets and the cosmos have mapped out for you from the moment you were born and enlightened you to important things. 

I will answer your burning questions, so you have the clarity you can run with. I will show you your gifts and we will shed light on your shadows. 

Most importantly you gain a deep understanding of how you are encoded for what your heart most desires NOW.

"For years I had been trying to find a life and purposeful work that felt like it fit me, because I was not sure what I was good at anymore. With Prema's guidance, working with the tools in the program, and the community I have created a very healthy income while crafting the kind of purposeful work I truly enjoy. I no longer doubt myself and totally understand my gifts and how I am meant to use them".  

Kiki Ong

Organizational Consultant & Leadership Coach

You will receive: 

The guidance you need for what is most important to YOU  that you bring to the session AND what I see in your chart you must be aware of.  

Important dates and timing for when to run forward and when to lean back, and an energy SHIFT to support you in successfully using the guidance I give you. It's not enough to know, you need to know how!

Insight and information comes to life with inspired ACTION. I will give you a clear plan with inspired action steps to take, to align you with your power of your Soul Blueprint and move your life forward on your purposeful path. 

How it works: 

Sessions are one hour, via audio or video and can be recorded for you. After purchasing your session, you will receive an email with a link to my calendar to book your session. $497

Wishing for that crystal ball is only keeping you from the answers you need and the changes you could be making to quantum leap your happiness, success and prosperity. 

“I couldn’t see the road ahead, the fog was too thick and I wasn’t sure which way I needed to go. I had ideas for myself and for my business, but as soon as I would reach out to grasp them they would disappear into the fog. Prema appeared in my life and the opportunity arose to have a Soul Blueprint Reading, I wasn’t sure what to expect and I don’t have a huge knowledge of the planets and astrology, but I knew with Prema’s energy and wisdom I would get answers. 

During the reading I felt shifts, you know in the Indiana Jones style movies when they see the brick sticking out of the wall and they push it and all of a sudden the wall opens up, well that happened….TWICE… during the reading…. Prema was not only clearing the fog but she paved the road! I have a map now with specific dates, clarity on what will be happening cosmically and the steps I need to take to make sure I am in alignment.

The feeling to know that you are being fully supported, that the Universe has a plan for you and you have a unique individual and specific blueprint of you, brings a huge amount of comfort, relief and confidence. I now know exactly what and I need to do and when, but all this would have meant nothing if it wasn’t for Prema. 

Prema was an amazing guide, gently walking me through the reading, checking in with me, and making sure I stopped, acknowledged and was aware of the important twists and turns that were on my route. She challenged me to look within and helped shine some light on those shadows that I was allowing to cast on my journey ahead. 

If you’re seeking clarity, understanding and a special experience, then don’t hesitate, literally don’t wait… the planets are moving and they aren’t going to pause to wait for you to make your mind up!”

Candice Bauval

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