The Sacred Wealth Immersion is a one-day workshop on everything
you need to fulfill your greater purpose

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If you've been wanting to break through blocks, find your deeper purpose, and create the wealth that's waiting for you, you'll learn how in this personalized small group setting.


This experience is for you if you:


  • have been living your passion but working too hard and are not yet living in abundance
  • know that there's something bigger waiting for you if only you knew how to access it
  • are ready for an action plan to put things in motion
  • want to tap into your unique gifts so you can become the most authentic and productive version of yourself
  • have questions about how the best use of your gifts to make an impact on the world
  • want to use your divine creativity in your daily life
  • you want to build confidence, learn some new things about yourself, and have fun
  • want to learn how to create wealth doing what you love to do

The Sacred Wealth Immersion is the equivalent of spending two months delving into this deeply spiritual, transformative, and practical purpose.

In one day, you'll walk away with knowing your Sacred Wealth Code™, what to focus on and what to release, how to understand your shadow side where you are sabotaging your efforts, and your very next step to create wealth in all areas of your life.

Our gorgeous classroom in Manhattan, New York


This is the blueprint to creating happiness, inner peace, and true wealth.

When you learn how to use your Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes to your advantage, you step into your most powerful self. We'll explore what ancient Vedic Astrology can offer to help you stop playing small, overworking, and standing in your own way. 

I've known many people who are successful in the traditional sense of the word. But until you learn how to set up your life in a way that uses your greatest gifts on a daily basis, no amount of praise, recognition, or financial success will lead to the deeply satisfying spiritual fulfillment and wealth that's possible for you. 

Each of us us designed for wealth - but we've also been discouraged along the way, especially if you are a visionary, entrepreneur, change-maker, or light worker. 

Unless we learn how to apply the Sacred Wealth Code to our life, career, or artistic projects, we miss out on the best of what life has to offer. 


I've been there - I owned a successful yoga studio and had a marriage that looked perfect on the outside. But until I began using my highest-value gifts in their purest form and understood how to work with my shadow side, I was merely surviving, not thriving. 

Now that I know what's possible, I can never go back to living that way, and that's why I'm so excited to share this with you. 


Join me for the Sacred Wealth Immersion!

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  • This intimate interactive workshop will be a mix of teaching, exercises, Q&A, and deep conversation
  • You will get personal attention within the group (limited to 20 people)
  • You will walk away with an inspired action plan
  • You will get your Sacred Wealth Code™ Reading prior to the event
  • You'll also get a signed copy of my book, Your Sacred Wealth Code
  • We'll recharge with delicious snacks and refreshing beverages during breaks, and...
  • We'll serve wine and cheese for the after-party


Our Classroom in beautiful Uptown Sedona


Normally, a VIP day with me costs $5,000, so this is a fantastic opportunity to work with me for a fraction of the price. 

You'll also get the benefit of learning with a small group, which is one of the best ways to objectively see your own blocks and have rapid personal breakthroughs. 

This is perfect for you if you want to fast track your results, become more productive, and create a tangible plan for using your highest-value gifts and your Sacred Wealth Code™. 

I hope to see you there!



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P.S. It can be intimidating to use your intuitive and creative gifts in a world that doesn't immediately honor them. But when you learn how to own them, express them, and use them as the vehicle to fuel your mission, incredible opportunities open up. 

I've experience this and since then I've guided thousands of others to find their path. 

privacy We value your privacy and would never spam you

Here is a taste of what awaits you:

"As I read the descriptions of my Sacred Wealth Code archetypes, I felt like I saw my whole life coming together. So many past and present experience became connection and aligned to what I know to be my calling in the world. It brought tears to my eyes to ready such a deep description of me - my traits, my shadows, what I stand for in the world.

Having this guidebook to my soul empowers me to break six figures this year! I feel like I can sink deeper into my strengths and be consciously aware of my shadow behaviors. Prema's gifts and insights with Vedic Astrology are not to be underestimated. As always, she brings divine information down to the practical level ready to be used immediately. This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to take their movement to higher levels."

- Rebecca Loveless







"Working with Prema is magical. I am learning to ask for and get guidance - both from my Sacred Wealth Code Wealth Council, and Prema. I can already tell that my brain is going to appreciate not having to do so much of the heavy lifting as my soul begins to take over.

I am now clear on my purpose, mission, and movement that I am creating in the world and have a plan for my business that feels like an authentic expression of me and my gifts."

- Kiki Ong

I wanted to reach more people, and run online workshops, but I didn't know how to create the bridge. Prema encouraged me to own my wealth archetypes and be seen in a greater way. As I aligned more clearly to my higher value gifts, I was able to step into my higher vision of having my own healing school. I went from running 2 hour workshops to leading a 9-month group program. My clients can work with me in a deeper way, with even greater results. I now have a greater reach and more visibility. I'm able to stay in my integrity, in the flow of my wisdom, with laser focused clarity, my sacred power has expanded. I regularly use my wealth archetypes to achieve my success.

- Mariangela Parodi - Transformational Intuitive





The way we have been taught to think about wealth and money is too narrow; it doesn't serve us anymore. If you're passionate about growing a life and business that is totally in sync with you, your purpose, your passion, and your mission in the world, knowing your Sacred Wealth Code is the key to your success. It takes you beyond strategy to the core of what makes us tick as wealth attractors.  

- Bret Gregory, author of Attract Customers Now from Facebook: Simple, Cost-Effective Marketing For Entrepreneurs

Working with Prema is as much about healing and clearing blocks as it is about Vedic Astrology. Our session was profound, enlightening, freeing and surprising. Prema is an enlightened teacher who has skills and wisdom that can help anyone grow, transcend, and awaken to wealth.

- Joe Vitale - Best Selling Author, Speaker, Movie Star



Cancellation Policy +

Already registered... but you can't make it? Dag Nabbit!

If you want to cancel because you're dealing with a serious illness or medical crisis, we can switch you to another class or figure out some other arrangement that works for you.

If you're canceling for any other reason... sorry, but NO refunds allowed. This is our firm policy. Make sure that you're 100% able to attend, and are excited about what changes this event will make in your life.


About Prema Lee Gurreri


Our souls already know what we are supposed to do to create wealth and make our impact. Prema reveals your Soul Success Map and helps you unlock your Sacred Wealth Code to discover your unique, divine gifts and talents. With these, you can find and engage in the conscious business where you will thrive. 

Prema is committed to creating a world where every person is empowered to live according to their soul blueprint: on-purpose, in a way that is aligned with the best of themselves and with true prosperity. 

Prema guides and teaches entrepreneurs, visionaries, and change agents to lead with their unique, divine gifts and talents, and fully align with their purpose and passion, to create wealth for themselves and the world simply by being who they are, and doing what they love to do. She empowers them to take inspired action to unlock their Sacred Wealth Code™. She has helped thousands rewire their minds for success and trust their soul's instincts via Soulutionary's Soul Success Map.™ Using her intuitive approach to business-building and her patented Soulutionary technology, Prema's clients manifest wealth and create meaningful lives by doing what they are meant to do. She lives by what she teaches, and has created her own highly successful business using the same principles, archetypes, and practices what she teaches her clients.

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