It's not common knowledge but it's true...
The specific path for you to bring about your wealth is encoded within you.

It's your Sacred Wealth Code.

And just as you learned to speak in order to communicate 
and get what you needed or wanted as a child 
you have to learn the language of the 
Sacred Wealth Code 
and how to use it to create prosperity. 

Learning the language of your Sacred Wealth Code 
is one part of living a life you desire. 
Soulutionary's Sacred Wealth Circle and trainings 
will teach you how to use it, easily and effortlessly.

How is it possible?
How do you identify the path - and follow it - to 
create the wealth that is waiting for you?


Not only did this work heal my financial life 
and show me how to live aligned with my purpose 
(You can ready my story below) 
it has helped thousands of others as well.

So many people struggle to know how to earn a living doing what they love...
And many others long to know, in the core of their being, that they are worthy
of wealth because it seems so elusive. 
Maybe you see yourself in one of those groups... 
I don't want to oversimplify, but struggle is optional once you know your 
Sacred Wealth Code and know how to live by it.

Prema gave me my Sacred Wealth Code and I got clear on what my highest-value gifts are and busted free from confusion about how to increase the profits in my business. I attracted an ideal client the very same day worth $10,000 in profits. Because I know how I am wired for money, I can laser focus on what will actually create the money I've been seeking, while serving the visionaries and entrepreneurs I am truly meant to serve.

Prema continues to teach and guide me in her Sacred Wealth Code Circle to use my greatest gifts to do my highest service and I am creating more money doing what I love than I ever have.

Margaret Saizan, Visionary Coach for Artists

I love the Sacred Wealth Code! It's fascinating to learn about the Archetypes and how to utilize their highest-value gifts to manifest abundance in all areas of life. I'm enjoying the process so much and recommend it to anyone who wants to expand more in life and create wealth and fulfillment. Thank you for your amazing work, Prema.

Julia Mason Cheng, Holistic Wellness & Healthy Lifestyle Entrepreneur

I created the Sacred Wealth Circle for people like you,

who want a wealthy life and want to know their worth, 
live from power, not fear. 
It's easy to lose or give away your power. 
We do it every day because of limiting beliefs, fears, 
and relying on the outside world for answers.

In order to live from power, we must discover
how we give it away - and the way to 
do that is from the inside out.

Inner Growth is the 
precursor - in fact, it's the 
key - to Outer Growth

All of the work I do is designed to teach people what they need to know so they can be who they are, do what they love, and create more wealth.

The Circle is a program designed to provide you with everything you need to discover not only who you are at a soul level, but everything your Sacred Wealth Code says about you - and how to use it every day, in every situation. You will learn about your Shadow Sides, your limiting beliefs, and the habits that keep you from living fully.

The Circle is for people who believe in their divine, inborn gifts.

People who simply want to know where to start and what to do along the journey.

Think of what you'll learn and practice in the Circle as the combination to a locked roadmap and me as the guide who will show you the way to a more soul satisfying and robust financial life.


Join this like-minded, heart centered community and learn how to live life inside-out;
one of the keys to aligning your purpose and prosperity.

Creating abundance. Isn't that what everyone wants?

Finances are often one of our top three greatest stressors...

It's no wonder that we seek solutions.

Money is energy, but it's also the means to buy goods, shelter, food, and clothing. 
It's not the only thing, but it figures into most everything. 
When we experience lack or instability in our financial lives, it's hard to live our purpose and feel abundant. 

If this is where you are right now, fearful, doubtful, living in lack, please believe me when I say, "You were born with everything it takes to live abundantly, to enjoy the alignment of purpose and prosperity." 
You just need someone to show you how.

My own experience running a six-figure business is what allowed me to discover what I call, the Sacred Wealth Code.
It's in the in-born source of our gifts and powers. 
When I didn't follow my Sacred Wealth Code, I exerted too much energy towards actions that weren't authentic for me. 
This led to exhaustion, financial insecurity, and overwhelm. 

After enduring my "dark night of the soul", I embarked on deep spiritual work to explore my challenges, to make sense of what had happened. 
I learned that I had operated from what I now know as the shadow side of my Sacred Wealth Code.

I had set myself up for failure and needed realignment.


Identifying and living my Sacred Wealth Code.



What is blocking you from having this?


that gives you the guidance, training, coaching, and community you need to successfully activate and operate your Sacred Wealth Code. 

As I read the descriptions of my Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes, I felt like I saw my whole life coming together. So many past and present experiences became connected and aligned to what I know to be my calling in the world. It brought tears to my eyes to reach such a deep description of me - my traits, my shadows, what I stand for in the world.

Having this guidebook empowered me to break six-figures this year! I feel like I can sink deeper into my strengths and be consciously aware of my shadow behaviors. Prema's gifts and insights with Vedic Astrology are not to be underestimated. This is an invaluable resource for anyone waiting to take their movement to higher levels.

Rebecca Loveless 
Structured Word Inquiry Coach

Prema gently and assuredly guides me to my full potential. I'm no longer afraid or confused about being seen as an artist and teacher.

I now know how I am wired for money and how to work the right plan for me based on my Wealth Code.

I've launched my art business and the money is flowing in.

Tina Gain 
RN, and Art Teacher, Art from the Heart

I wanted to reach more people, and run online workshops, but I didn't know how to create the bridge. Prema encouraged me to own my wealth archetypes and be seen in a greater way. As I aligned more clearly to my higher-value gifts, I was able to step into my higher vision of having my own healing school.

I went from running 2 hour workshops to leading a 9-month group program. My clients can work with me in a deeper way, with even greater results. I now have greater reach and more visibility. I'm able to stay in my integrity, in the flow of my wisdom, with laser focused clarity. My sacred power has expanded, and I regularly use my wealth archetypes to achieve my success.

Mariangela Parodi 
Transformational Intuitive

The Circle and soul-aligned community.

It can be joined at any time.
It's designed to give you what you need to fully 
operate your Sacred Wealth Code, 
break from your shadow, release your wealth blocks, 
and create the wealthy life you desire.


12 Inner Growth Modules of video/audio Trainings on every subject necessary for you to live your purpose and create wealth from the inside out.
Live Mastermind 6 monthly sessions with Prema, so you can get your questions answered. Prema answers everyone's questions and a replay is available.
Program Portal with full library of Sacred Wealth Code Archetype trainings, Wealth Activation trainings, Vedic Astrology Trainings, Block Clearing processes, and Meditations. You have what you need when you activate, align with your wealth code and break through the blocks that are holding you back from purpose and prosperity.
Exclusive Astrology Updates for six months, so you know how to harness the celestial energy to work for you and not against you.
Online Private Community forum that provides coaching and answers with SWC coaches & connection with community. You were never meant to do it alone!
Sacred Wealth Coaches to answer your questions and coach you in the private Facebook group.
Surprise bonuses!


Module One

Wealth Council Roundtable & Meeting: How to use your archetypes as a wealth council for weekly guidance and making important decisions

Hire Your Inner Wealth Team: How to develop a practical working relationship with your SWC Archetypes to create your divine wealth team

Sacred Wealth Code Team Member Positions

Hire Your Sacred Wealth Code Archetype Meditation: How to connect and tune in with your SWC Archetype you are hiring for a position on your team

 Module Two

Mastering the Art of Being & Releasing Tolerations: How to master your state of being to align with your gift and hearts desires

Being Before Sleep Meditation: Program yourself for a desire state of being before sleep or anytime

Tolerations Clearing Process: Resolving Tolerations

Tolerations Clearing Process: Final Step

Module Three

Inspired Action: How to follow your marching orders from the divine

Inspired Action List Process: A simple and powerful way to organize your to do's and get guidance on what things to focus on first

The Power of Gratitude: Supercharge your creations

Module Four

How to Be Seen for Your Gifts Part 1: How to be confidently seen for your gifts

3 Steps to Receiving

Gifting Circle Guidelines

Rewrite Your Story Process: How to release blocks, traumas, and old patterns by rewriting old negative stories to give you the emotional benefit of a positive outcome you may have hoped for

Module Five

How to Be Seen for Your Gifts Part 2: How to Value Your Gifts

Circle of Empowerment: Get empowered now! A simple process to boost your self-esteem, own your value, and the ability to use your gifts, even in challenging situations

How to Be Seen for Your Gifts Part 3: Receiving Your Value

Module Six

Conscious Creation Part 1: A step-by-step inner guided process to get clear on what you want to create, lock in your vibrational attraction set point, and access your inspired action

Conscious Creation Meditation Process

Conscious Creation Clarity Process

Allowing and Receiving Meditation: A simple and powerful practice to get out of your own way and open you to receiving your hearts desires

Conscious Creation Part 2: How to bridge the gaps that keep YOU from consciously creating

Discover Your Gaps: How to discover and clear the needs that block you from consciously creating what your heart desires

Visioning for Allowing and Receiving: A short creative visioning meditation to align you with what you are consciously creating while being detached to the outcome

Module Seven

Conscious Creation Part 3: How to supercharge your creations

Inspired Action Creation Process: Use this right before taking an Inspired Action to eliminate any resistance and make it super easy to do

Weekly Conscious Creation Inspired Action Journal

Vibrational Set Point Switching Process: Supercharge your conscious creations by anchoring in your vibrational set point and switching back to it anytime you go negative or get off track

Creation Prayer: A feeling based prayer/meditation for consciously creating with the divine

Module Eight

Balancing Your Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Energies Part 1: How to create your heart's desires by aligning with and balancing your divine feminine and sacred masculine power

Channeling the Feminine and Masculine Energies of Your Sacred Wealth Code: How to access the feminine and masculine energies of your Sacred Wealth Code Archetypes and channel them for growth and abundance

Divine Feminine Balancing Meditation: Be empowered by aligning with your Sacred Feminine Energy - use this when you are stuck on using too much masculine energy, are stuck in the shadow feminine energy, or just want to enjoy more radiance and flow 

Sacred Masculine Balancing Meditation: Be empowered by aligning with your Sacred Masculine Energy - use this when you are stuck on using too much feminine energy, are stuck in the shadow masculine energy, or just want to enjoy more presence and direction

Module Nine

Healthy Boundaries: How to create, establish, and uphold healthy boundaries

Boundaries Breakthrough Process: A powerful and elegant process to discover and break free of patterns, beliefs, and emotions that keep you from having healthy boundaries

Module Ten

Overcoming the Perfectionism - Procrastination - Overwhelm Cycle: How to get out of your own way to finally get things started and done

Getting Started & Getting It Done Process & Worksheet

Overcoming Perfectionism Process & Worksheet

Module Eleven

The Empowered Empath: How to thrive in the world as an empath

Inner Freedom Meditation

Empaths Traits, Superpowers and Archetypes

Module Twelve

Unleash the Power of Vulnerability: The care and feeding of vulnerability as a superpower instead of a weakness

Shifting Fear to Power in Vulnerability Clearing Process

Meditations & Clearing Processes


A full library of meditations to keep you aligned with aspect of your life.

Soul Wisdom Alignment: The core practice of Prema's work, to be used on a daily basis to connect with your heart for alignment, gratitude, self-love, vision, and inspired action.

Grounding: Get your feet back on the ground and be empowered by connecting to the pure abundant energy of the Earth

Beyond the Chatter: For a busy mind to quickly get to the heart

Presence: Release distraction, connect with your breath, and tap into the power of the present moment now

Sacred Wealth Code Activation: This will help you connect with your Archetypes and discover your gifts

How to Make Important Decisions and Choices: This will help you get the clarity you need to make an important choice

And many more...

Clearing Processes:

A full library of clearing processes to move you past any block, belief, or pattern that is in your way to living your purpose and creating prosperity.

Bringing the Shadow Into the Light: How to bring the shadow side of an Archetype into the light, so you can access your gifts

Bubble Space Meditation: A simple technique to protect yourself from others energy and create good boundaries

How to Shift Your Beliefs and Release Your Judgments: A practice to free you up from negative energy and open you to more aligned flow

And many more...

and more...

- Archetype Trainings

- Vedic Astrology Trainings

- Monthly Vedic Astrology Updates

- Live Mastermind Q&A Session

- Bonus Trainings

- Your Sacred Wealth Code Book


Every decision we make - and every one we put off - 
is a step towards a future result.

What does the vision of your future look like right now?

Greater wealth? 
A life lived on purpose using your gifts? 
Helping change the world?

Are you taking steps to make it happen? 
Maybe the answer is "yes!" and you've been trying your best for a long time but 
aren't seeing the kind of results you've been told are possible. 
Perhaps life is good and you have a burning desire to experience the next level 
of satisfaction at all levels of life.

Wherever you find yourself right now, remember, we create our futures, 
today, in this moment.


Invest in whatever way works best for you today.
If you pay in full you will save $394, and
get a copy of my Sacred Wealth Code Oracles Cards and Journal.



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We give you support with the program through the mastermind sessions, astrology updates, and private forum because my experience tells me over and over that people dream that change will be fast, when in truth, it takes time.

This is not a bullet train kind of journey. It's true that small steps can create great leaps. And leaping is encouraged - when the time is right.

But discovery, the deep level kind of discovering we do in the Circle, discovering who you really are and are here to be, requires time.

You will be releasing the old and calling in new ways of being, making new habits, and learning how to use your Sacred Wealth Code.

But I promise that along the way you will see new vistas, possibilities hidden in plain sight, and a roadmap to the intersection of purpose and prosperity.


What if I'm doing okay financially, what will I get from the Circle?

During my many years of coaching, mentoring, and reading for people, I've been surprised by how many people whose financial needs are being met, but they're still not happy, and not satisfied with their lives. If something is missing, if you are not soul nourisfed, then join the Circle for that reason.

How much time do I have to give to the Circle each week?

Busy is a fact of life for most of us. This is a go at your own pace program (when your schedule allows), so you can't get behind in the program. Unlike some membership programs you won't have to finish one thing before you can explore another. Every live call is recorded and downloadable, so if you can't make it then, listen later. My suggestion is you set an intention for one change - big or small - then book time on your calendar to delve into the materials on that subject. Consistently putting in the time is how change and good things come into our lives.

Once you get started and begin to see things shift for you, your time concerns will lessen or completely disappear. You know the old saying, "we make time for what's important," and living life on your terms sounds pretty important.

What if I can't be on the Q&A sessions live?

All calls are recorded and archived. If you have a question but can't make the call, you can ask me in the Facebook group and I'll be sure to get you an answer. And I encourage you to put the calls in your calendar. Live is a whole different experience energetically.

What if I want some one-on-one time with you?

If you are looking for some one-on-one time with me there are links in the Circle member site to book a Sacred Wealth Code Reading, Soul Success Map Vedic Astrology Reading, or Clearing Session.

If you're looking to work personally with me, you'll want to consider my Soulutionary VIP Coaching. This is the highest level of guidance, where I customize the program to meet your needs and also include everything that is in the Soulutionary Blueprint program.

VIP coaching sessions are incredibly transformative. If you are ready to up level your life and business in a big way, this is the option for you.

I give you deep insight into your life and how you are uniquely wired. I show exactly how to best use your gifts, clear your blocks, and empower you to step into what you are fully capable of. I give you strategy you can run with and am with you every step of the way to create the wealthy life you are ready for.

Learn more by visiting my VIP Coaching Page.

Can I use this for business?

You can certainly apply what you learn personally to your work. If you currently have a business or are planning to start one, I suggest you take a look at my The Soulutionary Blueprint program. It is a mentorship for those who have an existing business or are going to start one. It teaches the inner work and the business skills heart-centered entrepreneurs and healers need to succeed.

About Prema

Using the ancient science of Vedic Astrology and my gift of intuition I guide and teach conscious women visionaries to activate their divine gifts and align with their Sacred Wealth Code, so that they can unlock their soul blueprint for purpose and prosperity.

I'm committed to creating a world where they're empowered from the inside out to live according to their soul blueprint: on purpose, in a way that is aligned with their high-value gifts and their birthright of true wealth.

I'm the Creator and the Award Winning author of Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity, Book, Oracle Card Deck and Journal. I've created my Soulutionaryยฎ programs and services to empower clients to lead lives poised at the intersection of purpose and prosperity, and live from the hearts of their Sacred Wealth Code.



x3 monthly payments


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For the year


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PS - Quick question for you before I go...

If you leave this page right now, are you confident you can create wealth in a soul-satisfying way on your own?

Thank you, Prema. I do recognize the amazing amount I have achieved with your guidance and the Sacred Wealth coaches and community's help. 

I wouldn't have gone from being a widow with a home and very little income to running two viable businesses without my being here in your program.

Mary Guillermin

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