Sacred Wealth Code Live Reading

This reading could be the ONE THING that you need to align yourself, your work and/or your business with the prosperity, purpose, and success already drawn for you!

This Personal Reading Includes:

Sacred Wealth Code LIVE Reading (20 mins - recording provided)
Sacred Wealth Code Personal Reading created by Prema (downloadable PDF)
Sacred Wealth Code Video Training (downloadable)
Sacred Wealth Code Activation Meditation (downloadable PM3)

Not following your Wealth Code can lead to:

Feeling - and being - stuck in your business or career
Not enough ideal clients
Being underpaid for your skills and talents
Not using your highest-value gifts and abilities
Selling your soul by doing work you don't love, simply because it pays

Here's how it works:

Prema will personally create and read your Vedic Astrology chart to reveal your Sacred Wealth Code. 

You will receive an email containing a link to give you access to your video training, meditation and a form to complete your birth information, so Prema can create your chart and access your Soul Blueprint. Your personal Sacred Wealth Code reading will be emailed to you within 48 hours.

In the meantime, you can begin my Activating Your Wealth Code training class that will show you how to use your Sacred Wealth Code to unlock your divine gifts, create wealth, and experience success.

You will also receive access to my bonus meditation, which you can use every single day to guide you in accessing, activating, and receiving direction from your Sacred Wealth Code. This direction gives you the inspired actions you'll need to take in order to align with the peace and prosperity you long for!

It's time to let ALL of your Archetypes shine! You are a BEAUTIFUL person with so much to offer. Experience a magical, sacred homecoming to yourself - begin your journey toward happiness and prosperity, today.

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Sacred Wealth Code® Audio Reading
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