Sacred Wealth Code® Readings


This reading could be the ONE THING that you need to align yourself, your work and/or your business with the prosperity, purpose, and success already drawn for you!

You have a unique internal design for wealth. That formula is encoded in your soul blueprint - and like your fingerprint, it's unlike that of any other human being. It is accessed through the art and science of Vedic Astrology and it's called your Sacred Wealth Code - and it is written in the universal language of purpose and prosperity.

This is where purpose and prosperity meet. The best of you shines and you passionately THRIVE when you live the difference you are here to make doing what you love... and why you feel frustrated, disappointed, and broken when you're not.

You see... with so much information broadcasted on ways you SHOULD be making money and your own unconscious patterns often running behind the scenes... you may be getting in your own way to attain the FLOW of WEALTH that will set you FREE.


Not following your Wealth Code can lead to:

  • Feeling - and being - stuck in your business or career
  • Not enough ideal clients
  • Being underpaid for your skills and talents
  • Not using your highest-value gifts and abilities
  • Selling your soul by doing work you don't love, simply because it pays

This Sacred Wealth Code Personal Reading will help you harness the power of your most valued GIFTS, so you can get out of your own way to attaining abundance and answering your soul's true calling.


Here's how it works:

Prema will personally create and read your Vedic Astrology chart to reveal your Sacred Wealth Code.

You will receive an email containing a link to give you access to your video training, meditation and a form to complete your birth information, so Prema can create your chart and access your Soul Blueprint. Your personal Sacred Wealth Code reading will be emailed to you within 48hrs.

In the meantime, you can begin my Activating Your Wealth Code training class that will show you how to use your Sacred Wealth Code to unlock your divine gifts, create wealth, and experience success.

You'll also receive access to my bonus meditation, which you can use every single day to guide you in accessing, activating, and receiving direction from your Sacred Wealth Code. This direction gives you the inspired actions you'll need to take in order to align with the peace and prosperity you long for!

It's time to let ALL of your Archetypes shine! You are a BEAUTIFUL person with so much to offer. Experience a magical, sacred homecoming to yourself - begin your journey toward happiness and prosperity, today.



Hear What Others Have to Say About Their Sacred Wealth Code Reading

"Working with Prema is as much about healing and clearing blocks as it is about Vedic Astrology. My Sacred Wealth Code reading was profound, enlightening, freeing and surprising. Prema is an enlightened teacher who has skills and wisdom that can help anyone grow, transcend, and awaken to wealth. I am grateful."

~ Joe Vitale - Best Selling Author, Speaker Movie Star

"I get a lot of astrology done, even Vedic Astrology. That's because I want to make sure that anything that I do has the full support of the planetary forces behind me, and most importantly is in alignment with my higher calling and Soul Blueprint. Prema helped me see my Sacred Wealth Code with great clarity, something that I've always felt called towards, but had no idea it was actually written in my Soul Blueprint. What I loved about my Sacred Wealth Code reading with her was the fact that she combines insight with strategy, allowing me to know HOW to move forward to claim my true destiny!"

~ Lorna Li - Entrepreneurs For A Change

"Prema gave me my Sacred Wealth Code and I got clear on what my highest-value gifts are and busted free from confusion about how to increase the profits in my business. I attracted an ideal client the very same day worth $10,000 in profits. Because I now know how I am wired for money. I can laser focus on what will actually create the money I've been seeking, while serving the visionaries and entrepreneurs I am truly meant to serve. Prema continues to teach and guide me in her Sacred Wealth Business Academy to use my greatest gifts to do my highest service and I am creating more money doing what I love than I ever have."

~ Margaret Saizan - Visionary Coach for Artists

"As I read the descriptions of my Sacred Wealth Code archetypes, I felt like I saw my whole life coming together. So many past and present experiences became connected and aligned to what I know to be my calling in the world. It brought tears to my eyes to read such a deep description of me - my traits, my shadows, what I stand for in the world.

Having this guidebook to my soul empowered me to break six figures this year! I feel like I can sink deeper into my strengths and be consciously aware of my shadow behaviors. Prema's gifts and insights with Vedic Astrology are not to be underestimated. As always, she brings divine information down to the practical level ready to be used immediately. This is an invaluable resource for anyone wanting to take their movement to higher levels."

~ Rebecca Loveless - Educational Consultant

"I wanted to reach more people, and run online workshops, but I didn't know how to create the bridge. Prema encouraged me to own my Sacred Wealth Code archetypes and be seen in a greater way. As I aligned more clearly to my higher value gifts, I was able to step into my higher vision of having my own healing school. I went from running 2 hour workshops to leading a 9-month group program. My clients can work with me in a deeper way, with even greater results. I now have greater reach and more visibility. I'm able to stay in my integrity, in the flow of my wisdom, with laser focused clarity, my sacred power has expanded, I regularly use my wealth archetypes to achieve my success."

~ Mariangela Parodi - Transformational Intuitive