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The Teacher



MANTRA: "To know is to grow."

SOUL DESIRE: To illuminate and artfully communicate knowledge which uplifts humanity.

PURPOSE: To be a conduit for learning, growth, and change in the world.

SHADOW: Arrogant. Craves recognition. Overconfident. Manipulative. Controlling. Know-it-all.

As a Teacher, you are a creative communicator who believes that to know is to grow. Your desire is to share your knowledge, wisdom, experience, or skills with others.

You’re highly intelligent, kind, social, generous, and deeply dedicated to supporting others in the achievement of their goals. In addition to being a teacher, you may also be known as a mentor, coach, professional, lawyer, team leader, trainer, tutor, advocate, or counselor.

You recognize that you are a conduit for learning and growth, not the source of it. You are aware of the high-value currencies of understanding and communication, and have a unique ability to “turn on the light bulb” for others. You’re aware that people process information in different ways, and are masterful at simplifying complex concepts. You find creative ways to relate information so that your students can absorb, embody, and make practical use of the knowledge.

You’re a voracious learner, and have a wealth of knowledge to draw from. You can teach on many subjects. The Teacher understands that the “what” and “how” of a subject are not enough to keep students interested; they need to understand the “why” in order to fully embody the knowledge you are imparting, and remain engaged through the sometimes-challenging process of learning.

Teaching is a superpower that is not exclusive to formal schooling; it is valuable in all areas of life. Learning is what helps every person reach their higher potential. As a Teacher, you are a co-creator with the Divine, and a conduit to uplift humanity by providing the nourishment of knowledge that every mind, body, and soul needs to grow to the next level.

You attract new teaching opportunities by following your own hunger to learn more of what inspires you. You’re trusted by many, and can profit greatly through your generosity of giving what you know to whoever needs it―on or off the job.

The Shadow of The Teacher

If you don’t remember to put on your oxygen mask first and practice good self-care, you can burn out from supporting others. When you lose your connection with the divine, you may begin to believe that you know it all, or that you are the source of knowledge rather than simply the conduit. This leads to an arrogant, high-and-mighty way of being, and the need to be right while making others wrong. Such actions will, ultimately, cause you to fall from grace and lose the respect that others once had for you.

When you are stressed and attached to outcomes, you may have a tendency to try to control or manipulate others for your own benefit. This is soul-crushing for all parties involved.

If you find yourself in the shadow of The Teacher, you are probably stressed, burned out, and far from being a divine co-creator for learning and growth. It’s time for you to have some fun, and rejuvenate with a soul-inspiring retreat that will reconnect you with the source of your being.

High-Value Gifts

Good Communicator
Strong Mentor
Strong Presence

Inspired Action Plan

“I align with higher knowledge to nourish and grow myself first, and then use my unique genius of teaching to compassionately and generously serve others.”

Tapping In With Your Teacher

Consult with your Teacher by meditating and journaling on the following questions to activate your unique high-value gifts and talents.

What are my Teacher's high-value gifts and talents?
How can I use these high-value gifts and talents in my current work or the work I want to be doing?
What is one inspired action I can take today to do that?

Coming Out of the Shadows

What aspects of The Teacher's shadow energy are present in my life right now?
How does this shadow energy affect my connection to and expression of my divine purpose?
What is one inspired action I can take today to release this shadow energy?

The Teacher Archetype Inspiration Guide

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