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The Honorable Warrior



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The Honorable Warrior



MANTRA: "I take a stand for positive change."

SOUL DESIRE: To pursue personal excellence and world change through courageous acts.

PURPOSE: To stand for honorable causes that evoke your strengths and be an agent for positive change.

SHADOW: Rescuer. Narcissistic. Volatile. Self-neglecting.

The Honorable Warrior is empowered with confidence, courage, determination, and drive to be a champion for worthy causes and create positive change in the world.

As an Honorable Warrior, you are a strong, brave, passionate, hardworking, loyal, action-oriented spiritual warrior who is guided by a higher power. You're known as a protector, athlete, boss, executive, soldier, advocate, liberator, defender, lawyer, politician, champion, or hero. You're in tune with the balance of power between light and dark, and are willing to fight the good fight for a cause in which you strongly believe. You will stand for the underdog when they can't stand for themselves, and are at your best when you're saving the world.

As the Honorable Warrior, you are perpetually in the pursuit of personal excellence, and are most fulfilled when protecting those you care for while taking a stand for a noble cause. You have the enduring passion to achieve your heart's desires, and the focus, will, and ambition to reach your goals. You have the superpowers of ambition and motivation, and can light a fire under others that motivates them to reach for their goals.

You're a good leader, independent, and in full charge of your domain. You can take action on your own while being a part of a greater cause or organization, but you also know the power of interdependence, and that it takes a team to achieve the largest goals. You thrive when surrounded by comrades, and have a wealth of inspiration for your brothers and sisters to be a little braver (and up their game through healthy competition) as you continually take your life and ambitions to the next level.

The Honorable Warrior is known as a driving forge. You're disciplined, and know that "where there's a will, there's a way." You take great pride in any mission you're involved in, so when representing another's mission, you're viewed as an invaluable asset because you will take action as if it were your own.

You have the high-value currency of productivity. You "just do it," and get things done. You're highly valuable to any project or organization you're a part of.

The Shadow of The Honorable Warrior

The Honorable Warrior will go on a rescue mission when it is truly needed, but can sometimes fall into the negative pattern of the Rescuer. The Rescuer has misguided attachments, and needs to be needed to feel worthy.

If you're playing the part of the Rescuer, you are refusing to see the divine wholeness in others; instead, you see only their weaknesses. You need a Victim to rescue to feel valued and loved. This can lead to codependency and disempowerment for both the Rescuer and Victim.

Because you sometimes let ambition get the best of you, and tend to work even harder when times are tough, you tend to neglect yourself. This will leave you stressed, burned out, and cut off from divine guidance. Your narcissistic tendencies will them emerge, and you may end up compromising your values to "win," or use control to get what you want at any cost. This must be avoided, as it is highly detrimental not only to you, but to all concerned.

If you are not actively fighting a good and worthy fight in the world, you can become highly volatile and engage in aggressive behavior - even to the point where you cause harm to those you love. You need to be wary of becoming addicted to confrontation, as you will eventually alienate yourself as well as those around you.

If you find yourself in the shadow of The Honorable Warrior, your ego has edged out the Divine. You replenish and reconnect best through right action, so it is time to reinstate a regular exercise program that will make you sweat regularly and take the edge off your ambition. You should also reconnect with proper mentorship to guide you in your purpose, and recommit to a daily spiritual practice.

High-Value Gifts

Creates Change
Pursuit of Excellence

Inspired Action Plan

"I honor and follow divine direction to be empowered with my high-value gifts, commit to a worthy cause, and wholeheartedly serve to create positive change in the world."

Tapping In With Your Honorable Warrior

Consult with your Honorable Warrior by meditating and journaling on the following questions to activate your unique high-value gifts and talents.

What are my Honorable Warrior's high-value gifts and talents?
How can I use these high-value gifts and talents in my current work or the work I want to be doing?
What is one inspired action I can take today to do that?

Coming Out of the Shadows

What aspects of The Honorable Warrior's shadow energy are present in my life right now?
How does this shadow energy affect my connection to and expression of my divine purpose?
What is one inspired action I can take today to release this shadow energy?

The Honorable Warrior Archetype Inspiration Guide

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