Awaken your dreams, deeply heal, and release what is holding you back in a powerful virtual circle of like hearted visionaries, so you can consciously create what's next even if you're not clear.

July 21st Full Moon Healing Activation
5pm PST / 8pm EST

Only $33 ($27 on subscription) Recordings will be sent to all who purchase.

Bonus Reading Giveaway: When you sign up you will be entered into a raffle for a 45 min.
Vedic Astrology Reading with Prema!

This month, along with the potent Full Moon, we have some other very important planetary shifts that are ramping up the cosmic forces to move you forward...

Are you ready to speak your truth?

The Full Moon on July 21st occurring at 5 degrees within the grounded, committed, and diligent sign of Capricorn in Vedic Astrology.

This presents an opportunity for confronting our fears and establishing emotional boundaries. Through this, we can fully devote ourselves to what holds the utmost importance for our

Taking place in Uttara Ashada nakshatra, also referred to as the "universal star," this Full Moon grants us the courage to triumph over any obstacles we may encounter and share our authentic truth for the betterment of all.

This Potent Full Moon creates a gateway for healing, enabling the clearing, cleansing, and purification of your throat chakra.

You will be able to clearly perceive the messages from your heart and intuition, and be granted confidence to effectively communicate and express your innermost truth for the greater good of all!

Are you ready to harness this powerful energy?

Only $33 ($27 on subscription)
Recordings available and will be sent to all who purchase.

Bonus Reading Giveaway: When you sign up you will be entered into a raffle for a 45 min. Vedic Astrology Reading with Prema!

“The energy moving through my body was unbelievable. The sound healing was awesome.” Ann

Healing with the Full Moon

Experience the potent energy of this month's Full Moon with a virtual sacred circle where we will be going through a series of powerful Alignment Activations that will activate the power within you to heal and align with your highest potential, so you can live the life you truly desire. 

" The full moon healing circle was so great! The wisdom expressed and the guided activation with singing bowls and mantra were very effective. I will be re-playing it to make a conscious boost and leverage the insights. Thank you for those key dates and energetic overview." Tina

We rise together...when we gather in sacred circle.

Experiencing healing, releasing, and raising your frequency to consciously create your soul path with a group of like-minded-hearted souls.

What's included:

Energy update for deeper understanding and planetary resonance.
A sacred healing ritual, sound healing, singing bowls, and mantras to experience the alchemy of the senses and spirit to clear your energy field and raise your frequency.
A sacred healing meditation process to break free from programming, traumas, and limiting beliefs that are not serving your full potential.
Soul wisdom questions that align with your intuition, inner wisdom and true power.
Participating in the healing circle live or later by recording is an activation of all that is powerful and true with you. There is no hard work to do. Come open and curious knowing that what you need will be provided.

In addition to the upgrade in energetics...

Reading Giveaway! By participating, you will be entered into a raffle for a private, live Vedic astrology reading session with me.

$33 one time Healing circle

💜 When you join the monthly subscription you'll receive: 

 A Healing meditation for joining, New Moon Meditation every other month .

All for Only $27 monthly

(The session will run about 75 min.)  
*You will have lifetime access to the replay recording. Participating after the live session does not mean you will not experience your activation. The energy is encoded for those here and those who listen afterward... for all time to come.

Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle
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Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle Monthly Subscription
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Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle | 1 Month
Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle | Monthly Subscription (Only $27 per month)

Here's what people are saying about the Full Moon Sacred Healing Circle.

“I feel like my heart was on fire... lots of inner alchemy, much gratitude” ~ Jamie

"Prema led a wonderful full moon ceremony. I could feel the community atmosphere. The sound healing was very powerful. I look forward to the next one. We all need a community of like minded souls, especially at this time!" ~ Renée

"I am healing patterns of self neglect and self criticism, so that I can love myself more and draw in more of the love that I desire in my life. Such a rich process, many things came through. Thank you so much!" ~ Kim

"So Good! Beautiful healing. I am so grateful and admire your gifts." Wendy

Thank you, it healed my headache.! I will definitely be doing this one again. ~ Laura

"This was my first full moon healing session and it was so lovely to do this with my 15 year old daughter. We both enjoyed it very much. We love your voice! I loved the exercises and seeing what I want to leave behind, like my self judgment. I loved when you mentioned we may make things harder than they need to be. That one hit home and this new realization will be dropped out of the airplane as I’m flying toward my new business model. Tonight was filled with so many takeaways. So many! The energy tonight was telling that we are on the right path. You are a gift. I appreciate you. xoxox” ~ Robin

"So much amazing energy! Feeling a amazing. Looking forward to doing this again after you send it out. So much gratitude!" ~ Anne

"WOW, Wow, WOW! Thank you so much! This was fantastic!" ~ Shawana

"My experience at the healing circle was quite powerful, my heart and sacral chakras had a lot of movement. I’ve been in a deep cycle of grief and losses the past two years and felt very stuck in realizing my next wave of purpose/momentum. What really struck me was how you said that if the heart wasn’t fully open the willpower from the third chakra couldn’t fire fully. I never had thought about it going down the chakras that way, versus coming up from the Solar Plexus

It for some reason clicked and made a lot of sense as to why certain things have/haven’t happened in my creative and business ventures. Even when I have a strong sacral charge and inspiration something still felt blocked before tonight.”
~ Arin

"Thank you, Prema for a wonderful healing circle. The sound healing was super helpful!" ~ Cindy

"Thank you Prema. Feeling much lighter!!" Katy

I'm Prema

Vedic Astrologer, energy healer,  oracle to visionaries and lifelong yogini 

I know how uncomfortable it is to allow yourself to be seen for your gifts, to lose everything and wonder if you're on your true divine path, and to question what all the challenges were really for... what they mean.

It wasn't until I faced my own shadow side head-on and healed it, and used the unique gifts of my Soul Blueprint and Sacred Wealth Code® that I discovered what living in alignment with a wealthy life really felt like. (Magic.) I've devoted my life to helping other visionaries unlock their high-value gifts, divine purpose, and deepest inner guidance so they create their wealthiest life ever.

I'm also the creator and the Award Winning author of Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity: Book, Oracle Card Deck, and Journal.

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