Did You Get The Lessons From The Current Eclipse Cycle? 
 Are You Ready For The Next cycle?

Your Vedic Astrology chart contains a divine plan unique to you. Eclipses trigger major shifts in specific areas of your life, based on your chart, that will force you to make CHANGES and GROW in order to align YOU with that divine plan.

Did You Get The Lessons?

 There are major life lessons that each Eclipse cycle delivers uniquely to you and if you don't learn and transcend them, you will keep repeating the pattern! 

We are in a pivotal time with the last set of Eclipses in the current cycle on October 14th & 28th. The Eclipse cycle then changes in November 2023 and starts triggering different areas of life. By getting the lessons of the current cycle and understanding what’s in store for you in the upcoming Eclipse Season, you’ll be prepared for whatever comes your way so not to be blindsided and sent into a reactionary spiral.

When you sign up for a private Eclipse Reading, you’ll receive individualized guidance so that you can navigate the inevitable paradigm shifts the eclipses will bring about uniquely for you.

Prema will also enlighten you about the other major transits that are happening and how they affect you. 

This reading will give you the power to work with the energy rather than against it.

In this 60 min. one-on-one session I'll...

~ Give you specific dates and timing for when to take action and when to lean back.

~ Share the current lessons you are to transcend and the upcoming ones for the next year and a half cycle. 

~ Answer any questions you have.

~Give you a clear plan, based on your Vedic Astrology Chart, along with action steps.

~Do an energetic shifting process to ensure you integrate the guidance you receive…

All so that you can move your life forward, more aligned, more purposeful, and more powerful… even during times of such extreme shifts like the eclipses bring about.

How it works:

Sessions are 60 minutes via audio or video on Zoom and can be recorded for you. After purchasing your session, you will receive an email with a link to my calendar to book your session. Your session can be recorded for you.


Eclipse Reading

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