Empowered Healing Session

Heal the blocks, beliefs, patterns, or programs that are holding you back or causing your suffering, so you can reclaim your peace and power.

Right now, you are reading this because you are seeking relief and the freedom that is on the other side of healing what is holding you back... I believe you were guided to this healing session because your inner wisdom knows where to direct you for the answers you seek.

Stuck energy needs to be healed with energetics, guidance, intuition, and inspired action...or nothing will change. A healing session with me is guided by my intuition, your energetics, your planets, and a soul sourced plan for inspired action. Oh, and 20+ years of working with clients just like you as a guide, healer and oracle.

The answer you seek is seeking you, but as Einstein wisely teaches, "We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them." The answer may lie within, but there are times when we are just too close to the problem and must ask for help.

Help is right here.

If you are ready to shift your energy, heal your blocks, patterns and programming, and take back your power, click the button below to book your healing session.

In this one hour one-on-one session we identify your challenge then unlock the gift by healing the blocks, patterns, fears, or limiting beliefs that are keeping you from your joy, purpose, and prosperity. This session includes reviewing your Vedic Astrology chart to see how the planets are activating your challenges. We will meet on video conference or phone, and the session can be recorded for you. After you purchase your session you will receive an email with a link to my calendar. $497

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